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  1. Hey Dave, there’s this product called Bulldog for men natural skincare,
    moisturiser. Any good my friend? (also thanks for making me featured on
    your fb)

  2. Don’t use benzoyl peroxide or any of such product! They inflame your skin
    and make it look worse. I tried BP only 3 times and it made my skin flaky,
    now after using this guy’s tips for erasing acne my face looks so much

  3. David, this looks good, I also prefer organics stuff than non-organics for
    health reasons. I’ve just found that Amazon UK does sell Acure items and
    I’m gonna buy it today to try it. I want facial wash to start with. Of
    course I will let you know the result once I used it for 2-3 weeks.

  4. Start with the secret acne cleanse, it’s a free book (cleanse) on the acne
    erasing secrets facebook page and will help your body to begin to cleanse
    so that your skin can begin to heal.

  5. also, look for my video on here called ‘amazon botanical cleanser’ video
    that is a cleanser I recommend that you use for whiteheads and mild acne.

  6. Hi, I’m 16 and I have found out that I have mild acne. However, it seems
    that every morning I have about one or two of the bigger whiteheads. Then,
    when I get home from school, two more appear out of nowhere. I would
    greatly appreciate it if someone would tell me what I could do take stop
    these bigger whiteheads from coming on my face.

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