Attirance Natural Cosmetics

Attirance is experienced manufacturer of natural cosmetics from Latvia (EU). Established in 2003, the company has developed more than 400 unique products with charming design and wonderful…
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  1. Her foundation is a more yellow toned color because it will cover her scars
    more that way. Yellow helps mask the color of the scars to make them less
    visible. Geez people, keep your rude comments to yourself. She is

  2. I see so many comments of how her makeup looks “too orange”. It’s not, it
    looks like that at first but skip to the end it matches her self tanner

  3. I think this makeup would be lovely if you didn’t apply such a thick layer
    of foundation. As someone commented before, I agree that, with this amount
    of makeup the natural ‘dewiness’ of your skin doesn’t shine through and you
    just end up looking over done. The eyes and blush etc are stunning, but
    just too much foundation for my taste. 

  4. Just wanted to say thank you for this inspiration. Im getting married on
    friday and going to mimic this look ♡ 

  5. I think this is still one of my favorite tutorials by you. It is a staple
    makeup look for any special occasion. 

  6. Getting married in August and I’m definitely going to try this a few times
    to see how it looks! You are stunning with and without makeup. Thanks for
    the tutorial!

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