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  1. It is NOT uncommon for me to read things online and CRINGE at what people
    tell others to do without any education, trial, or ANYTHING! Some things
    seem doable, and others I KNOW are just straight up, sometimes DAMAGING
    lies. This is a series I would love to start doing, and test out some
    things you guys are curious about and/or educate people on truth and lies
    found on the internet. Please be sure to give this video a thumbs up if
    this is something you guys would be interested in!

  2. Hey Lex , I love your channel, I am an Esthetician and I’m a coco- nut too
    ! I have been using coconut oil for at least a year now and I love it! I
    have very dry skin, and since using coconut oil my skin is definitely more
    plump and hydrated , it doesn’t break me out or anything like that, though
    I rarely get pimples anyway. I apply it every day after a bath or shower to
    my body, face and a little bit to the ends of my hair (I have dry hair too)
    , I even use it to remove my makeup , cook, bake, and I make diy solid
    lotion bars with it.You want to use organic virgin coconut oil. hopefully
    this will give you an idea of how this worked for me, not saying it will
    work for everyone. Xoxo

  3. I will be answering some more questions on my blog that were not answered
    in this video ^.^ This was my first trial and error type of video, so its
    going to have some bumps, and I appreciate all of the feedback and tons of
    questions! Its always better to ask questions than to go without knowledge
    or curiosity.

  4. Coconut oil is highly comedogenic. I’d use this on my body but never on my
    face. My skin is acne prone is super sensitive, I’m so scared to use this
    on my face lol. So cool its working for you though!

  5. by the way would you mind sharing your skin care routine? i, too, have oily
    acne prone skin and yours looks absolutely flawless. i need to get on your

  6. I know you said you weren’t saying to go grab coconut oil and lather in it
    but watching this makes me want to do just that! Haha

  7. Lex first and foremost..so glad I found your channel. I don’t even use make
    up but you seriously inspire me to want to play with it. Disclaimer-creepy
    comment coming up: love your sense of humor and believe we’d make great

    Onto the coconut oil experiment, I’ve been using it for two years straight
    on my body and I’ve loved it and even had your same reaction. My skin has
    never been so hydrated and the fact that I’m not using chemicals is amazing
    to me. I’ve had stretch marks fade and scars fade in the course of these
    two years. I love it.

    I’ve also gotten my friends onto it because they love how soft it makes my
    skin, but one of them has had the concern that her skin might become too
    dependent on it and eventually not moisturize on its own causing dry skin.
    However, I don’t feel that way.

    As for my hair and whether it helps make it grow faster, shinier, and more
    moisturized…I don’t feel it’s true for ME. But I also feel I’ve damaged
    my hair by dying it way too many times. Some times it feels like it helps,
    but other times it just looks like an oily mess.

    I’ve also tried it by eating a tablespoon in the morning with bee pollen
    and it gives me a HUGE energy boost (I’m trying to leave my coffee problem)
    AND it helps my digestive system.

    Those are MY two cents. I didn’t realize this comment would be an essay.
    Thank you for being so freakin’ AWESOME!!

  8. I used coconut oil and aloe vera during radiation and didn’t blister. I did
    get red but didn’t blister, I also used it during chemo when my hands dried
    up and cracked. I love this stuff. I use it for EVERYTHING!!

  9. Hey Lex, I was curious and wanted to ask you because I heard this somewhere
    but is it true that your skin only makes oil because its missing it? Like
    if I’m using a foundation to prevent oily skin, would that just cause more
    oil because the makeup it trying to take any oil away? And if I used an oil
    like coconut oil would it prevent oily looking skin because my face is
    being hydrated? Thank you, love you Lex! :)

  10. I have really REALLY dry (like honestly driest you’ve ever seen flakes off
    during the day absolutely repulsively dry) eczema prone skin and coconut
    oil has done absolute wonders. My skin is so sensitive that even the most
    gentle moisturisers set it off but I’ve had absolutely no reaction to it,
    my skin holds moisture MUCH better and I’m sure I will always have quite
    severe dry patches but my face stays in tact and doesn’t literally flake
    off everywhere during the day! I can wear makeup and actually looks okay
    which is a huge improvement.

    I’ve also used it on my hair before bleaching it and I can vouch for that
    too! It protected my scalp a lot and I did notice my hair being a lot less
    dry after I’d washed the bleach out (obviously not damage free but still

  11. I have used it on my curly/wavy wet hair and it’s great but I am terrified
    to use it on my sensitive face lol 

  12. I don’t know anything about skin care, but on occasion I put coconut oil on
    my skin and I think it helps. My skin is extremely dry and tends to
    flake/crack, but it’s also really oily and acne prone at the same time. I
    feel that if I use it on occasion it helps a bit, but I’m curious to see
    how your experiment goes since I don’t put it on often enough to really
    know if it’s coincidence or not that my skin feels better.

  13. I use coconut oil daily to remove makeup and I also use it as a nightly
    moisturizer on my face and body. I used to have severe cystic acne and
    tried lots of different methods for dealing with it (including seeing
    doctors and licensed professionals). I started using coconut oil when
    nothing else worked. Now my face is healing. I still have lots of scars,
    but the overall look and texture of my skin is so much better. Keep in mind
    that I’ve been using this method for nearly two years and during that time
    I also went vegan so I think both of these things contributed significantly
    to improving skin and it may take a while to start seeing changes.

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