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  1. Hi! I just heard of a Lush scrub and main ingredient its active charcoal? I
    just watched a DIY on how to make your own charcoal face mask (using food
    grade charcoal). What’s your opinion? Yes or No? Thanks I’m learning alot
    from your vlog’s appreciate you sharing your knowledge! :)

  2. +Veronica Gorgeois 1.what do you think about exfoliating the body with a
    natural luffa?is it too harsh fosr the skin?
    2.i get my honey from a local farmer that produces 100% natural honey in my
    neighborhood(i live in a village near a forest) but it is liquidy is that
    good?and is the raw honey like a buttery/sugary texture because it happens
    to my liquid honey sometimes to cristalize like that and i was wondering if
    it is the same thing like the raw honey that you recomanded in the video
    please respond because i really want to know and sorry for my bad english

  3. Never pineapple. It stings because the enzymes and acids dissolve the cells
    on your tongue when you eat it. Yes. It does that. Cannibalism. 

  4. ive heard that Vaseline (petroleum oil) is a good moisturizer for skin.
    could you make a video or mention this or even just comment back with
    anything you might know. thanks :)

  5. Im looking around the internet trying to find some DIY face moisturizers
    but im not an expert so i dont know which ones are okay or not. Alot seem
    to use different oils and some of those oils im aware youre not too big on
    and dont recommend people to use. Do you know what kind of oils i could use
    that are good? Or even direct me or tell me a good DIY face moisturizer?

  6. Hey 🙂
    What would you recommend for sensitive skin after removing facial hair?
    Every place that I’ve been uses aloe gels, but I’m allergic, and if I don’t
    apply any calming product I just get acne and swelling… At home I use
    Bepanthene (it’s a lotion that you can get on a pharmacy) but I’m not sure
    if it’s good for my face skin.

  7. Hey Veronica good vid! Had a question though..how do I know if I am
    comeogenic..I tried coconut oil to remove my makeup prior to using a
    cleanser n not sure if it aggravated My skin more as I had already been
    dealing with some active breakouts.

  8. Your videos really are excellent. Thank you! I have worked for natural skin
    care companies and am a trained beauty therapist but you really helped sort
    the wheat from the chaff. You sure do know your skin science. Since the
    overload of skincare/beauty blog/vlogs it can become unlear as of what to
    do… plus seems a little bit endless with buying all the products people
    are peddling! Monthly hauls make me shudder a little bit. You don’t need to
    fill your cupboard with 20 different cleansers or creams, wah! You have a
    new subscriber in me… sorry for the essay. xx

  9. Honey doesn’t gel with ulcers. Honey causes heartburn that increases pain
    and could cause an ulcer. I had gastritis and an ulcer for a year and
    anytime I’d add honey to anything it wouldn’t have a positive effect. But I
    do love putting honey in scrubs and acne.

  10. I found a great DIY toner made of aspirin and 100% witch hazel… Check out
    SecretLifeofaBioNerd here on youtube, she’s got an awesome video about it

  11. Hi veronica! What do you think about using orange peel powder as an
    ingredient for facials? There’s a recipe for the powder and honey and you
    rub/leave it on then wash off. Love your videos! Still trying to move on
    from the lie of lemon juice for acne ; (

  12. Could the honey have light bleaching affects though because when it comes
    into contact with another liquid (oil on your face e.g.) it produces
    hydrogen peroxide. Thanks for the tips!

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