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  1. No one knows what I am about to say and it breaks my heart! Elf is cruelty
    fee and some brushes are vegan but no one knows! It’s really sad for me to
    watch YouTube videos like this because every one just says that they have
    cheap and quality makeup. they don’t even know that it is cruelty fee.

  2. Honestly, it bothers me that when there are make up turorials that seem
    intriguing or are said to have “natural” looks and then like five minutes
    into the video they pull out some fake eyelashes. What is so natural about
    it then??? Not hating on specifically her but its just irritating!

  3. I just checked out this video and more videos from you and you are great. I
    have a YouTube too and I would love it if you would come check it out and

  4. That color is just too yellow for your skin tone…I have the same issue. I
    have the same foundation in Porcelain and it’s still too yellow for me. It
    seems that ELF only has the ability to cater towards those with more yellow
    skin tones. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their other products, but it seems that I will
    be switching back to my previous brand (CG) because they have foundation
    colors that work for me. PLUS I love that their products are numbered,
    which makes them super easy to match up. I love the wide variety of
    products ELF sells and about 95% of my makeup collection comes from them.
    But I just hate their foundation.

  5. I didnt like the eyeliner I thought it was too much u still look beautiful
    though also I think u should contour your nose 

  6. Hey! LOVE your video 🙂 Wondering, which High Definition Powder did you
    use? Shop near me only carries the sheer?? Thanks :)

  7. Omg you are literally the first YouTube I have ever watched that has
    pronounced “apricot” correctly! Everyone else says it with a capital A
    sound, when it is supposed to be said with an ah sound. 

  8. After all the videos I’ve seen on an Elf full face tutorial, yours has to
    be my favorite. Thanks for sharing!
    New subscriber (:

  9. I have that foundation I recently just bought it and I wore it once and it
    just made all my pores stick out and it looked like extra cakey. Did that
    happen to you after it set ? .

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