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  1. BEWARE Ordered the tiny samples of 3 products. What a surprise to find that
    the 1 inch jars contained less than a tsp each- the face cream wasn’t even
    a half tsp. Such a rip off for $14.95!!!

  2. First of all…thank you so much Ana! You are so sweet!! 🙂 Second of
    all…I saw nur’s video too and was thinking about trying some of these
    items…doesn’t hurt then the brothers are HOT! haha thanks again honey! 🙂
    love ya! Kristin

  3. @kristingehm You are most welcome I wanted to do it earlier but I hadn’t
    filmed during the week 🙂 I hope you check out the products when you need
    something they’re great!

  4. Another brand of of organic skin care in FL is I’m Fabulous, they have skin
    care as well as makeup. They have peel’s that are to die for.

  5. Hi!!! I’m from Aiea, HI and I LOVE their products …. I have sensitive
    acne prone skin and I’ve been using for abt 3 weeks now and no breakouts
    … eagerly waiting for my sample packet to arrive : ) I think if you’re
    the slightest bit interested, I would say go for it …. you’ll be glad you
    did!!! Also wanted to say THANK YOU a whole bunch to the Nardo brothers for
    these GREAT products!!!!!! ALOHA!!

  6. Someone just told us about this on youtube! The good word travels fast and
    we sincerely appreciate it! We are thrilled you enjoyed the products, it
    was a pleasant surprise to see your honest review 🙂 -The Brothers of
    Nardo’s Natural

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