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  1. Back in Europe, we used to make those apple chips all the time, snacked on
    them and also made a drink out of it (boil in hot water and then cool
    down). For the chips you just slice up the apple and lay them out on a flat
    surface inside or outside in the sun. Figured you might like this, it’s a
    cheaper version :)

  2. That sales lady really knew how to hook us into buying those sweaters, haha!

    I JUST discovered Tess Christine last week– so funny that she is your
    youtube favourite for the month! Her videos are awesome! :D

  3. Dried fruits are the best! Nature’s candy 🙂 I would love to see
    organizational video! Organizational freek right here! ;)

  4. “I like these a lot better than having an old raggedy, hair covered
    hairband on my arm…”

    *Slowly looks at wrist, looks around, and then takes off current hairband.*

  5. Loving your hair, and those sweaters!! I was wondering; do you ever look at
    the labels when it comes to the granola/cereals you use? I’ve been paying
    special attention to the labels and I realized that it’s ridiculously
    difficult hard to find some that isn’t very high in sugar! And sometimes I
    feel at odds because I can’t decide something that’s organic and something
    that is ‘healthier’ nutrition wise, like in terms of calories and sugar.
    What do you think? Thank you so much 🙂 xx

  6. I love your new hair style!!! I would love a book review, I actually had
    that book in my hand a few days ago 🙁 

  7. Where do you do your shopping for food, Nikki ? I love how healthy your
    food is. Could you do more recipe videos for lunch or dinner ? (; oh ! And
    i would love for a review on the planner. I have heard amazing stuff about
    it, but it is really pricey.
    ♡With Love✿,
    P.S. Im loving your hair cut. It so fresh looking. Great for summer c: 

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