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  1. Ever since I’ve seen saaammage use it some time last year. It’s just too
    expensive for me to get right now. I will try around the holiday time. Your
    skin looks great.

  2. Yes you can use them on the same day. Thought I would mention I use my
    clarisonic everyday so not sure why you are only using it once a week but
    whatever works for you!

  3. woah, you scared me, this is my second video watching on ur channel and
    like without makeup and your hair pulled back,, I THOUGHT, i seriously
    thought you were me! like you seriously look like me xD this is like crazy

  4. I understand but i highly doubt that everyone in japan agrees with the
    slaughter of dolphins just like how not everyone in the U.S. agrees with
    how animals are slaughtered. It just seems like your blaming the entire
    Japan nation for the dolphin slaughtering.

  5. Awesome review! Your skin does look so radiant. Hey, do you think i can use
    Cure with Clarisonic? Does that make sense? I just thought that since
    they’re both on the same “one a week” routine, then i could use them
    together. Maybe after the 2mins standby? Or you don’t recommend using it
    together, or even to be used on the same night? Thanks love, i’m as
    clueless as a 10yr old apparently hehe. All the best! xoxo 🙂

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