Lips Care – Natural Cosmetics – Homemade Masks For Lips – How to make lips puffy and swollen

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  1. I take pride in my lips, the only thing i like about me are my lips! BUT
    YOUR LIPS ARE AMAZING AND LUSCIOUS AND BIG!! I will definitely be trying
    this!! 😀 thankyou i absolutely adore you!

  2. I have got big liðs and they are a problem during the winter time so i was
    just looking for something simple, but your lips look so good that i am
    definetly going to try this routine.

  3. if you are young – yes, one per week. And use chapstick if you need every
    day… If you are older than 40 – twice per week. )

  4. Jaclyn, what do you use for a daily moisturizer? I have an oily t zone and
    random pimples now and then. AS WELL AS awful dark under eye circles 🙁
    Any help!?

  5. The first video that Ive watched from your channel. And Ive been in love
    with your videos, especially your tutorials, ever since. The very first
    time I searched a makeup tutorial this was the FIRST one I clicked on and
    actually watched the whole thing. I absolutely loved it and have done this
    look so many times. Its pretty much my happy medium, where I’m not all
    dolled up but at the same time I’m not looking like I’m dead! Lol.. I just
    quoted you. ♡ Love ya, boo! Such an inspiration.

  6. So I want to start using MAC products but I have the stupid issue of never
    picking the right tones for my foundation or concealer. If I were to go
    into a MAC store, they would have representatives to basically help me find
    my “perfect colors” right?

  7. Hey Jaclny I love your videos but I need advise, at 4:27 of ur natural
    everyday makeup tutorial, you show brown powder, thats the color of my skin
    so I am having a hard time finding a natural everyday eye shadow, I luv the
    look you were going for in the video and I really just want a natural eye
    shadow and blush please help
    I LOVE ur videos by the way

  8. My mascara always makes my under eye dark. No matter if it is water proof
    or not. I need something that will last 14 hours because I am a nurse and
    not rub off. Any suggestions? 

  9. will you please make a vidio like this look for like prom or a home comming
    dance please but for the eyeshadow will you do it more smoky 

  10. i just went onto the mac website and cannot find the Mac emphasize
    highlighting powder, can anyone recommend something else or will a white
    eyeshadow be ok to use??

  11. That’s an amazing look! I think I will do this later when I get ready for
    work.. To be honest.. I use Blush for my eye makeup, too. And I love using
    my MSF by MAC in Soft and Gentle and Stereo Rose on my eyes. When I’m in a
    rush I just pop it on with my fingers and blend. 

  12. I absolutely LOVE your videos!! I just recently started watching them and
    I’ve learned some very good tips I never knew before. You’re so beautiful
    and you kick ass!! Don’t let them haters get to you! ;)

  13. when I wear well in general do I match the color to my natural face color
    or is it okay to go with my neck color like you do? thanks

  14. Jaclyn, I’m a new subscriber. Although I’m old enough to probably be your
    mother I love your videos. Every single one has a great lesson to be
    learned. Thank you for sharing you knowledge and experience. Many blessing
    to you and excited to learn more from you.

  15. Really enjoyed this video! I’m just so horrible at putting makeup on. I
    just need to keep practicing! Hopefully I’ll look as flawless as you!

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