March Favourites / Healthy Foods & Natural Skincare

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  1. Love this video! <3 Also trying to eat more organic and healthy... Have you
    tried the skincare brand Burt's Bees? Their organic deep cleansing cream
    and beeswax lip balm are amazing! Thanks so much! 🙂 <3

  2. I just want to know where in Toronto you get your skin care essentials and
    even the other stuff . I am living in Montreal and when I visit Toronto
    agai I need to go to a different store other than where I have been athough
    I have not been in Toronto in 3 years but I intend to do so this year

  3. You look so pretty, I love your make-up! You should do a beauty video and
    let us know what products you use 🙂
    Thanks for another great video. Your monthly favorites are always the best!

  4. Really love your chanel and your march favorites 🙂
    Please post more clean, healthy videos. Also a “what I eat in a day” video
    would be so nice. 

  5. Really awesome video 🙂 you always have the best stuff to show ♡ I love
    coconut oil and so do my dogs hahaa :b

    With love Wendy ♥

  6. I don’t know if you’ve done a video like this yet, since I’ve only just
    started watching. (and now I can’t stop!) But a pantry essentials video,
    like the food products you couldn’t live without? 

  7. How do you use the coconut oil in your hair? I’ve tried a couple times to
    use it in my hair as a conditioner and every time it’s left my hair looking
    extremely oily! maybe i’m not using it correctly? +HealthNutNutrition 

  8. Lemongrass tea sounds so nice. I love lemongrass essential oil, but I’ve
    never tried it in tea-form! And I have the same steeper- love! And oh my
    goodness I need that lip balm. I’ve been looking for a more natural one, I
    think this may be it! 

  9. Hi! I love your channel, lemongrass is very popular in Latin America, I
    have a plant of it and I love it, it’s got a lot of relaxing properties :)

  10. Thank you for the amazing videos! (: I would love to see a health and
    fitness video describing how you stay fit! 

  11. I have been obsessing over coconut water this month! I would love to see
    how you make your chocolate almond milk! YUMM!

  12. Oh my gosh, that mug! I’ll need to take a trip to Yorkdale and visit
    anthropologie! Btw your channel is awesome.. :)

  13. As luck would have it, I discovered your blog as I’m doing the most
    horrible job in the world – filing months Worth of paperwork. You’re making
    it bearable, thank you.

  14. @CasualLuxuries Thanks for the referral, I appreciate it! I have thought
    about being a youtube partner but to be honest I want to help people get
    rid of acne and not have other people’s ads with products that don’t work
    and are unhealthy all over my videos… Will I make more money? yeah… But
    I would rather help people out and give them tips, education and resources
    that actually help them! Thanks for the comment 🙂

  15. @SAMANTHAandSABRINA Ha! No way! That’s awesome! Tell her their products are
    awesome! 🙂

  16. which would you prefer african black soap or this soap because i dont know
    which one to choose from based off the ingriedients help please??

  17. @ccoronel13 The acne facial day cream (what i’m talking about in another
    one of my vids) works really well… I’ve never tried the cream you are
    talking about though.

  18. you can just use it once a day, I use a newer product now that I like more
    called ‘amazon botanical cleanser’ and made a video about it but I still
    like this… kinda depends on your skin type.

  19. @summerluver10 Cool! I absolutely love it and you will see a difference
    over any other soap… Good luck! 🙂

  20. I don’t know your situation, but I recommend trying the secret acne cleanse
    out to start… which is a free book I give away on the acne erasing
    secrets facebook page.

  21. Congratulations 🙂 I am not sure if you are a YouTube Partner but you
    should consider it if you haven’t already and I sent you one of my viewers
    who is starting on her journey to find solutions for healing acne and I
    couldn’t help but think of you 🙂 Take Care

  22. I like both but i’m not as much of a fan of using soap on the face anymore
    and I like the lluvia cleanser because it balances PH and is all natural
    and just works really well… plus it smells good. The same company sells
    the sangre de drago so make sure to do it in one order to save on shipping.

  23. a few months or so of not using it i broke out bad i got back on
    it and after three onths or soo i began to clear again..i went through this
    cycle one more time and like three days ago i started the treatment again
    cuz i started lifeguarding using sunscreen and breaking out which led me to
    your video…and i totally agree about all natural products and thats how i
    always felt, diet..water..excercise..attitude etc.. however i have this
    mindset where if i dont do the dermo treatment i

  24. @summerluver10 Cool! I absolutely love it and you will see a difference
    over any other soap… Good luck! 🙂

  25. @Vietnamemperor12346 Try the acne facial day cream from this company, the
    next video has the link to it in the description… I believe they have
    some other products for scars too. If you haven’t joined my newsletter at
    my website do that and I will be sharing more about that too.

  26. omfg im the biggest fucking idiot for 2 years i have been washing my acne
    with normal soap untill i just realised then it is the worse thing to put
    onto acne because it realses acids that fuck it up omfg fml!

  27. would you recommend this or the lluvia botanical cleanser? i don’t have
    acne just a few spots now and then, but i do have scars. thank you

  28. @nickisgood4u of course! check out the AES store on the Acne erasing
    secrets facebook page… click on the “store image” at the top then click
    on soaps… I link to a bunch of soaps that are both natural and cheap!

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