My Acne Story + Skin Care Routine

OPEN ME*** In this video I share with my acne story and my skin care routine. I had severe cystic acne for around 8 months, and it took an additional 3 months to heal. It was a time of…

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  1. I am so glad I stumbled across your video as it gives me hope that acne
    will someday be a thing of the past for me. Like you, I’ve always had
    blemishes but all of a sudden last summer, my skin did a complete 360 on me
    out of no where and I can’t blame it on cosmetics or my cleansers as
    nothing had changed. I truly believe that this was my wake up call to start
    taking care of myself, internally. We’re all so quick to want to find a
    quick resolution by band aiding our skin problems with ointments and creams
    of all sorts but that is only temporary. In order to heal the skin problems
    externally, we must heal ourselves internally whether it be changes to our
    diets or changes to our thoughts and feelings. Thank you so much for
    sharing your story with all of us. :)

  2. I really do love this video, I got terrible cystic acne all over my chin
    last year and that brought even worse depression and self loathing. I have
    had acne for a very long time but it was never ever severe, last year it
    got pretty severe and it would look worse with makeup on but I couldn’t
    help but to wear it. Finally I did the exact same thing as you, I threw out
    all the cleansers I had, now I use raw honey (thinking of buying Manuka
    honey someday) as a cleanser, apple cider vinegar and water as toner and
    jojoba oil as moisturizer! My skin is transformed! It’s all going away
    slowly but surely, I still have some bumps on my face but once they’re gone
    I know they’ll be gone for good, I also use lots of masks when I can! My
    favourite are the cinnamon nutmeg honey mask and the turmeric mask, simple
    is better! Chemicals should never go on the face! I love having a chemical
    free/all natural/organic skincare routine. It’s made a world of a
    difference for me.

  3. Awesome video! So glad I subscribed. I’ve been struggling with acne for
    years. I simplified my skincare routine and it’s the clearest it’s been in
    such a long time.
    I can relate to this video a lot. I’ve been working on leaving the negative
    self-talk behind. Gonna start leaving “I love you” reminders around my
    house. 🙂
    It’s funny how often we forget to show ourselves some love when that should
    be our first priority! 

  4. Can you please make a tutorial on how to style your bob but straight? I’ve
    been trying to achieve a straight bob, however I cannot get my mini
    straightener to perfectly wave my fringe away from my face. I want more
    dimension to my straight bob but my fringe just sits there ╮(╯_╰)╭ please
    help. You can search up Jang Sin Sung in the bride of the century to get an
    idea what I’m talking about. Lol I really want to go classy and straight.

  5. Love your hair, it looks so amazingly cute on you. Enjoyed this video a
    lot. And i was wondering what brand are your lashes? They look perfect with
    your eye shape. Thank u. 

  6. I love your makeup in this! I also wanted to know what brand if lip product
    you are using?? 🙂 I really love the black on you!

  7. Licorice is good for brighting the skin, any products with licorice extract
    will be good for any sort of blemish scars/marks to 🙂 

  8. Hi! I just recently started following your blog and videos and I love your
    sense of aesthetic :). I just have a couple questions for you, what
    foundation do use? Your skin looks amazing :Q!! Also, do you still use
    eyelid tape on your eyes? If you do, what kind do you use? (asking as a
    noob who just started and not finding tapes to my liking)

  9. Store bought items are CHEMICALS, they are not meant for your skin and will
    not permanently heal it. Try African Black Soap and Shea butter in a
    nightly routine. They are very good products and very healing to the skin.
    Especially used at night consistently, so many people live by them.

  10. Rose is very healing 🙂 so its good for minimizing pigmentation over time,
    certain flat scars, and soothes skin/gentle its good for sensitive skin –
    these products sound good how much do they retail for usually? 

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