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  1. Girl great recipes ….you got any thing that helps with cellulite aside
    from creams,lotions….I have tried everything even extercise nothing works
    so if you have any tips on that let me know lol….

  2. i have been using natural products for about 6 mo. now and i will never go
    back. i LOVE natural products like apple cider vinegar, honey, olive oil…
    not only is it cheaper, it works better and there aren’t loads of chemicals
    in them! i exfoliate with coffee, sugar and baking soda and my skin is SO
    smooth. like butter smooth.

  3. Thank you for your video and blog with the recipes. I plan on trying them
    this evening. One thing you mentioned that your husband noticed was the Ora
    Glow; how is it spelled and would you mind sharing where we can buy it? I
    searched online but wasn’t able to find it.

  4. @divascancook i hope it works out for you! i saw results after the 1st
    night, but it gets a bit better afterwards. just makes them less noticeable

  5. this is a great vid because everything that you have is all natural!! all
    that face stuff at drugstores is too strong and breaks your face out.
    lately ive been using nothing but plain water and its working but gets a
    lil dry so ill try the olive oil

  6. My mom always said that us bigger forehead women…r the smartest..;) LOL.
    I’ve still stuck with it after 34 years..xoxo

  7. too funny. i have the same issues with bugs. i am gonna TRY some of these
    tips girl! my skin used to be a hot mess. it is less so now but i need to
    try that green tea toner and castor oil. i know just what you mean about
    the eyes, lol. i just turned 28. grrrrrrl. this vid was awesome.

  8. @RikaStinka doesn’t it smell so soothing! It is so funny you should mention
    the spray bottle because I JUST picked me up a lil travel size one
    yesterday to take on vacation.

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