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  1. +sugarpuffish Thank you for the recommendations, I love trying new
    cleansing balms and haven’t tried either of those. I have heard really good
    things about Lulu and Boo though 🙂 x 

  2. Hi! Thanks for your review – I was thinking really hard about getting the
    Suti cleansing balm as it is quite pricey. I think I’ll get it now 🙂 

  3. Wonderful video! so informative 🙂 Have wanted to try the Spiezia one for a
    while now. Obsessed with ur channel! Upload soon? 🙂 x

  4. Great video, so happy I found you 😀 They all look so lovely, I have yet to
    try Pai and Suti balm, they both sound amazing! For know I just use my own
    DIY balm, works great! 🙂 x

  5. What a lovely first video! I am a cleansing addict, I love the Spiezia and
    the Balm Balm too, I highly recommend 100% organics (buy through their
    Facebook page, it’s much cheaper), Angela Langford’s clean sweep and
    Balmology cleansing balms too Xx

  6. You are such a natural & a total pleasure to watch. I’ve never been into
    cleansing balm but might have to give them another try. Great video xo

  7. Agree with you on Pai & Suti. I also recommend Lulu & Boo and 100% Organic.
    I like the Balm Balm coconut cleansing oil, their prices are amazing good

  8. Great video! I’ve had my eye on the Balm Balm Frankincense Cleansing Balm
    and you’ve just made me want to try it even more :)

  9. Great first video! I’ve been thinking about getting a new cleansing balm,
    and now I definitely want to try out Suti and Balm Balm 🙂 x

  10. Great video! I was looking just this morning for an organic balm to replace
    my Emma Hardie and now I’m spoilt for choice! x 

  11. Ooooh – one more thing. It was our gorgeous ladies in Balm Balm South
    Africa who distribute Balm Balm and Spiezia there, who told us about you.
    They are on twitter at @BalmBalmSA x

  12. Hello there. Naturally we loved your review 🙂 Just a little note to say
    thank you. Also, if you loo at our new website, we have included a picture
    link in the Tea Tree Face Balm and Cleansing Balms details which enables
    people to go to your link. We are in middle of our new website and doing
    lots of changes in development whist it is open. We want it to be as
    interactive as possible and we want to be able to put a page up that lists
    people like you, not so much as ambassadors – but for independent advice
    and opinions maybe? Let us know what you think and do throw suggestions
    about our new site back at us too. Have a nice weekend from all here at
    Balm Balm x

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