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  1. your welcome, I know it is! I like this brand and have reviewed other
    products of theirs in my videos several years ago on this channel… Have a
    great night!

  2. Hey David, I just called to order the fiberzon and envirozon today. My
    question was that if the both fiberzon (regular) and fiberzon (mint) work
    the same function? Thanks

  3. Question not related to the video at all but I’m 16 and I heard what you
    said about milk and stuff but all my friends say I should be drinking it
    because I’m still growing and it helps with that. What you think?

  4. I used to like them, but from what I saw last they started adding
    preservatives and other stuff to them so I don’t recommend them anymore
    because they really aren’t pure anymore.

  5. I use lotion on my skin every time i wash my face because my face is really
    dry after i wash it. This blemish stick drys it out more but i don’t see
    how it matters since i use lotion anyways. Thanks david =)

  6. The oil cleanse method is great, best way to remove makeup imo! I made a
    video about the oil cleansing method… definitely recommend it. And I do
    love this product, for the smell alone i’d buy it! lol

  7. Thanks, Yes they can… it’s difficult and will take longer to heal but
    they still can. In the Scar Erasing Secrets program I recommend exercises,
    diet and supplements to heal and bring back the skin to heal it.

  8. Sometimes I try new natural products but always make sure they are
    natural… and I buy when there are sales too… The amazon botanical
    cleanser is on sale right now and it’s buy 1 get 1 free so it’s only 20
    bucks a bottle… which is a great deal because my cleanser has lasted me
    like 2 months (for 1 bottle) because I use abt two squirts a day (you don’t
    need to use much of it) because it’s so concentrated… mix it with water.
    Check out the facbeook page to see how to get the buy 1 get 1 free

  9. essential oils are good but most of them you cannot use straight because
    they are too strong… I’d drink more water and eat plenty of healthy
    fats… and actually a product like this (the facial toner) will help with
    dry skin as well.

  10. drink more water and get healthy fats from olive oil, avacado’s and certain
    nuts & seeds in your diet… A good range of Omega fats… and just drink
    more water. This will help keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. Make
    sure the lotion is all natural too, google and understand the ingredients.

  11. good brand overall, but most of their products dry my skin out (like I said
    in the comment below) so good overall… but not great imo.

  12. Usually for most people it get’s better, but straight ACV can be too strong
    so you may want to dilute it with water… are you making any changes in
    your diet as well? Try doing the secret acne cleanse while doing these
    things topically and i’m sure you will see more changes.

  13. Quinoa is okay, I believe nutritional yeast is okay too… it’s actually
    healthy and has health benefits. Some whole grains are okay, quinoa, millet
    etc. I’d avoid most though, and just eat more vegetables and fruit. Try the
    secret acne cleanse out if you haven’t already.

  14. that’s a pretty good list of things to do and all will help! I recommend
    eating sauerkraut as well as including fiberzon and envirozon from
    OrganicRainforestHerbs (dot) com as well for healing the Colon, Liver &

  15. I need this to ask my date to prom!!! I just need the guts to ask her!! I
    don’t know here but I always catch her starring at me!! The thing is that
    every guy wants to date her!! I know she likes me!! But I don’t know how to
    approach her!! She’s always taking to somebody!!!

  16. there could be a lot more to it, what you drink, if candida is causing acne
    etc… this is why I created the acne diet test ebook & the whole aes
    program. Also, how long have you been doing that? you will see a change if
    you are patient.

  17. I did a review recently on the Jason Natural, Brightening Apricot Scrubble
    Facial Wash & Scrub, it was terrible. Don’t purchase it in the future. It
    is a newer product so I was excited, but the walnut shell chunks are so
    huge and it felt like it tore my face up, almost felt like pieces of glass.
    Yikes…. I ended up having to use it as a foot exfoliator..lol

  18. Congratulations on getting married and the baby 🙂 Do you know if it’s a
    boy or a girl? I just had a girl (my first baby!) 3 months ago. 🙂 x

  19. I have used the desert essence face wash for years, but can’t use it daily
    as it is just too drying for me, but I love to use it occasionally
    especially after a good sweaty workout it feels great on the face.. You
    are right it is very watery, so I bought a 8 oz. bottle with a pump and
    pour it into the new bottle and it makes it so much easier to use. 

  20. Great video,thank you!You are beautiful 🙂 I made a great natural
    combination for my hair and skin,and having great results.Jojoba,olive,
    avocado,and coconut oil,Shea buter, black soap.This is by far the best
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