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  1. It is just almonds that I toasted until they were black in a skillet on my
    stove. Then I crushed then to a powder. 

  2. Oh my god guys do not do this, do you know how much bacteria can produce
    from using this cheap method and not buying a dollar on Mascara. DO NOT DO

  3. You guys can also use different mascara wands to get different lengthening
    effects. I learned that the makeup producers (like benefit, Mac, covergirl,
    etc.) not only focus specifically on the formula of the mascara but also
    the wand because the way it applies plays a big part in how it looks. I
    recommend using the mascara wand belonging to your favorite mascara. It
    makes it look that much better.

  4. Great idea! but oh god we are trying to be ecologycal so do not let the
    water just go. Stop the water exactly after you are done with cleaning the
    mascara :)

  5. Thanks for sharing, we didn’t know you could use burnt almonds instead of
    activated charcoal which can be very pricy :)

  6. ‘Kohl’ is also the eyeliner used in ancient Egyptian times, when they
    didn’t know what else to use to make their eyes bold :)

  7. One can collect the soot from a castor oil and almond oil lamp and use
    that. Mix with Shea butter for texture and camphor for cooling effect.
    Ancient Indian eyeliner used for centuries.

  8. Can this be done with black crayola crayons? just a guess as I saw couple
    of videos to make diy lipstick…. 

  9. Is this a sticky product, or does the Kohl somehow counteract that? I would
    hate to be sitting in conversation and ( The south can get hot, y’all)
    suddenly the drippings seep into my contacts; blackening them, making me
    appear possessed and off my meds…. Or another scenario in which my
    eyelashes decide to plaster themselves to the top of my eyelid; giving me a
    continuous look of fright, as if I were a doe in the headlights. …

    So yeah, is this sticky and will it melt off in subtropical climates?

    … And sorry for the rambling. :P

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