Natural Skincare Haul April 2014

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My Natural Skincare Journey

EXPAND FOR MORE INFO* Aloha Beauties! I have so much to share, more than I can fit into one video but this vlog will update you on what I’ve been using and …
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  1. I agree with you! You should have no regrets and not done anything
    differently to get where you are. Your skin is absolutely beautiful and
    glowing. I love it!! Good for you!

  2. Thanks for posting this! Just what I need. I have lavender essential oil
    that I solely used for my aromatherapy bath with sea salt. Now, I will use
    it to prevent breakout! I use coconut oil all over my face and body,
    doesn’t break me out. On the contrary, it helps to shrink them overnight. A
    painful spot was gone the next morning where it normally would become a big

  3. I started my own natural skincare journey about a month ago and I am very
    pleased so far. I use the oil cleansing method, Thayer’s lavender witch
    hazel (alcohol-free), and moisturize with a couple of drops of an oil blend
    i made (jojoba, lavender, tea tree, and geranium). I am starting to
    experience some breakouts now though (I have very oily skin). Did your skin
    go through an adjustment (breakout phase) for a while?
    Ps. I love your channel!

  4. Thank you so much for doing these kind of videos! My skin care is simular,
    alot of carrier and essential oils! The best thing I’ve done for my skin.

  5. YES!!! I actually just started the OCM again recently. I had tried it last
    month but I was doing it wrong… my skin got a little irritated from not
    getting all the oil off. Then I figured it out, got my oil blend down and
    gave it another shot and it’s AMAZING!! I can’t use castor oil since I have
    an allergy to it, but I’m loving jojoba, neem and 1-2 drops of lavender and
    tea tree oil. Sometimes I’ll add a dash of another carrier oil. But yes
    it’s unbelievably amazing! 😀

  6. Fantastic Video, Thanks!! QUESTION: Do you use any sunscreen? What
    kind/brand? Do you use it after the oils in the morning? THANKS AGAIN 🙂
    Love ur videos!!

  7. I went and picked me up some lavender tea tree oil and grapeseed oil and I
    have to say Im LOVING it.. My skin feels amazing and to just know im not
    putting all that crap on it is nice. I also got the indian clay mask and
    notice a difference with that too. Thanks for all your advice.. Loving the
    natural skincare journey I have begun because of you. My store just got in
    rosehip seed oil so Im pretty excited for that! Thank you for your advice
    and sharing !!

  8. Excellent video! My skin has gotten so much better since going vegan, then
    I started the regimen and that improved my skin another bit. After
    that I got a clarisonic and that was another amazing improvement. But I
    also have major scars and discoloration, now I will be moving on to
    essential oils. I have being a long-time fan of tea tree oil but I cannot
    wait to start trying on different ones. Thanks so much for this video and
    take care! Much love from Canada!

  9. Absolutely, I have oily skin! Also I can tell you the worst thing for my
    oily skin was the products that contained high levels of alcohol, not only
    did they irritate my skin but it made my skin even more oily. Due to the
    alcohol over drying the skin which causes the sebaceous glands to produce
    more sebum, a vicious cycle you definitely want to avoid.

  10. Can you tell us the exact recipe you use of the Lavender and Tea Tree and
    the Rosehip with Vit E. For example…how many drop of each of those oils
    and how many drops of your carrier oil do you use?

  11. After Boscia, I used African black soap, which I liked. But I wanted to try
    the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM), turns out, my skin loves it! I will do a
    video on OCM soon.

  12. Thank you so much for doing this video! I have really sensitive skin so I’m
    trying to simplify my skin care as well. I have a lot of trouble with flaky
    skin and I cannot seem to find anything that exfoliates, but doesn’t
    irritate, my skin. I was wondering if you have any good exfoliating
    products? I would really appreciate any help 🙂

  13. Awesome vid. I am on this same journey. I just recently bought some
    essential oils and a carrier oil. Great minds think alike 😉 I need to try
    to clay powders though & make some astringents too. Thanks for sharing.

  14. This is kind of amazing. If you weren’t so young, I might think you were my
    twin allergy-wise, but I’m 62. I am allergic to wheat, eggs, dairy, corn,
    yeast, and soy! I also have to be very careful and ferment any nuts or
    seeds by soaking them. My reactions cause digestive problems and skin
    breakouts. I have rosacea with pustules that center on my nose. I am still
    not able to figure out what is causing this. I have cut out so many foods
    and though the breakouts are better, they are not gone.

  15. Nice video and information! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I have
    ordered my oils from because the have reasonable prices and the
    ship for free! They also care the carrier oils as well. If you use the code
    MTP899 you get $10 off your first order as well! Hope this helps everyone
    looking to find quality oils 🙂

  16. Great!! I’m so glad to have some friends on here who share the same passion
    for this kind of stuff! I’ve got a whole series of videos planned from what
    essential oils to choose for each skin type/concern… to DIY homemade
    skincare recipes! Oh and my complete natural skincare regimen for morning
    and night. 😉

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