Natural Skincare Haul!

These are a few things I picked up from The Vitamin Shop & Argana Shop .com! 🙂 I paid for all products myself and am not being sponsored/paid to say anythin…
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Natural Skincare Routine | Morning and Night!

Open me for product info 🙂 Morning Routine: Nutra-Lift Herbal Non Soap Cleanser 4 oz. Juice Beauty Organic Treatment Oil…

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  1. I don’t know if you’ve heard of or tried Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve
    Company, but they have some really good all natural stuff. They carry a lot
    of skincare and haircare products. I’m acne-prone too and some of their
    soaps have worked for me.

  2. I haven’t heard of them, I’ll check it out thanks! I’ve been wanting to try
    out some natural bar soaps to replace my dove bar 🙂

  3. Have you tried the Mario Badescu line? Their enzyme cleanser gel is fab
    for the morning- super light and refreshing. For night time,I use that to
    just take my makeup off then an actual acne cleanser. Take their skin
    survey online and they send you all the products they recommend as
    samples….WHAT? Yep, I got like 7 samples and then when you decided to
    order, you get 3 samples with every order so check it out. Also, LOVE LOVE
    LOVE the IT cosmetics CC cream w/SPF 50 foundation. Talk about in all in
    one product. Have been trying it out and it’s def a new fav. Great
    coverage & SPF 50- you can’t beat that.
    Great video!

  4. Love your glasses!! I’ve been wanting to try that Juicy Beauty oil.
    Obsessed with oils lately. New subbie and been loving your channel 🙂 I
    have a channel too if you want to check it out xoxo 

  5. Great video! I love the products you mentioned. I already use the DeVita
    Solar Protective Moisturizer, and I have dark skin, and it leaves
    absolutely no white film. I heard DeVita tweaked the formula 🙁 I am not
    too happy about that since I have heard some people mention they don’t like
    the new formula. I will see for myself at my next purchase. I definitely
    want to try the L’uvalla Eucalyptus Toner and the Tilvee Age Defying

  6. Your so cute! loved the video 🙂 looking foward to watching more! would
    love if you could sub back as im just starting my channel, thanks xx

  7. Great channel I subbed!! Your so awesome!!! Mind checking out my channel
    and subbing back? Maybe we can do a collab 🙂 Don’t forget to enter my HUGE
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