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  1. omg hannah this video was so helpful!! I have blackheads on my nose and
    they just never seem to go away 🙁 I will try the hydrogen peroxide and
    bentonite clay thing though, I don’t have any at the moment but I am going
    out later so I will look for some 🙂 thanks for making this video <3

  2. I’ve been watching your videos for a while now and they just get better
    every time, especially the past few weeks I feel like you’ve really stepped
    up and it’s awesome to watch. Your advice is helpful and you are just so
    real and honest. You are definitely the up and coming next big vegan
    youtuber and I’m so excited to see you own it! Sending positive vibes your
    way :)

  3. rosehip oil is awesome stuff, i love this stuff
    its very healing for the skin
    make sure you use it on your neck and chest and the back of your hands as
    at 51 its all i use for moisturizing and coconut oil
    its great to start early in live
    great video Hannah

  4. I use a sugar scrub once a month…then my clarisonic mia daily 🙂 I make
    home made soap and salves…I use the salves now which has ( coconut oil,
    mango butter, olive oil, beeswax and shea butter :)

  5. I also use Dr. Bronner’s soap 🙂 I use the rose scented one. I also really
    like going to boutique soap stores and buying freshly made soap. I don’t
    have any around me but whenever I come across one I stock up!

  6. are you Chilean? you remind me alot like Snooki in a good way 🙂 thanks for
    the tips too, ive just been using coconut oil on my face for everything but
    feel like i need more skincare products

  7. Great tips. Love dr bronners too. Have you tried tea tree oil to spot treat
    acne? It works really well for me :)

  8. I use oatmeal to scrub , well as a mask and it exfoliates as well , oh and
    green tea as a toner, it helps with redness a lot 

  9. Does that brand of rosehip seed oil have a slight odor. I bought some at
    whole foods and it has a weird odor.

  10. Oh man anytime I use witch-hazel or hydrogen peroxide my skin gets super
    raw and irritated. I don’t break out, I just get a rash 🙁 I have
    ridiculously sensitive skin. I will give the rose seed hip oil out though.

  11. Just about the same as I, except I need a thicker oil so i use nutiva’s
    organic virgin coconut oil head to toeee. Smells like fruity tropical
    goodness. :)

  12. Would have NEVER guessed you’re 28! Keep doin what you’re doing 🙂 you’re
    so beautiful! <3

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