November Skincare Favourites | A Model Recommends

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This video isn’t going to go too in depth about the products but for a full review please ask. Otherwise, enjoy my quick blurb about my top organic skincare …

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  1. Only issue I have when watching your videos is the fact I end up writing a
    long list of what I want to purchase and spending an absolute fortune!

  2. Maybe I am being rediculous, but I am concerned with all the highly
    fragranced skincare you are using. The fragrance in skincare causes free
    radical damage and inflamation that is not seen right away but injures skin
    over time and leads to wrinkles and sagging skin. You are a model (and a
    wonderfull one at that) and I would hate to see your skin become damaged. I
    don’t mean to be rude, I just want you to have your best skin so that we
    can continue to see your lovely face for years and years.

  3. Ahh I love this video – you have amazing skin!

    PS I have a channel all about fashion and beauty with a new video just gone
    live – would love if anyone fancies checking it out or subbing <3

  4. I have very sensitive skin (combination/normal but atopic, and I usually
    have some spots which ends being scars which slowly disappear with time…)
    and your skincare related videos always help me a lot 🙂 . I went to
    specialists but they never recommend me products that really help me with
    my sensitive skin, even some of the products they recommend me, make my
    skin irritates a lot.

    When I started watching your videos I found out brands like La Roche-Possay
    and Caudalie they’re products are the only ones that I found that don’t
    irritate my skin. Now I’m searching for a good cleanser for my skin type,
    because I was using the La Roche-Possay one but it’s too greasy and I have
    a few spots maybe because of this cleanser, so I’m searching for a new one
    for sensitive combination skin. I also need some specific product to make
    disappear these little spots that don’t want to go of my face (they’re so
    annoying…) so maybe I’ll try out some of the products you mention here.
    Moreover, I have been using the MV moisturizer and it’s so gentle! I don’t
    want to end it never!

    Sorry for the long text haha, and thank you so much for your advices, I’m
    finding the products that really works well on my skin thanks to you! xx

  5. How strange that this video is showing up neither in my subscription list
    nor when I got to your youtube channel page. Got here through your web
    page. I love targeted favorites much more than the random type, although
    random can be nice. But I’m a skincare addict, so skin care targeted will
    always work for me 😉 I have tried the L’Oreal facial oil, which is
    supposed to be a dry oil, but it just sits on top of my skin and never
    sinks in. Not sure what to think about this whole oil craze.

  6. You got me hooked on Caudalie products and ordering them from Feelunique,
    they have actually helped my constantly dehydrated skin feel a lot better.
    So far I have tried the gentle foaming face wash by your recommendation,
    and the cleansing milk and toner are just as lovely. I also have the
    Polyphenol moisturizer with SPF20 which I use every morning under my
    foundation, it is really nice if you don’t want a heavy feeling SPF, and it
    smells nice too!

    Although because of budget issues, I was curious to know if you’ve found
    Caudalie comparable to Avéne. I know you also recommend their products as
    well, and would love to try them.

  7. I’m glad you are better now, I have been using Caudlalie Polyphenol detox
    oil with a blob of hydraluron as my night time moisturiser and really love
    the effect
    thanks for reccomending aroma actives will definatelly hunt for it in
    sainos xxx

  8. I picked up the REN Omega 3 Serum Oil because of you(r) blog review. Love!
    🙂 Thanks Ruth! Next on my list is the REN V-Cense Day and Night Creams!
    Also because of your influence! 😉 

  9. I have been using a night cream recently called sleeping beauty from skin
    design London and that dries onto the skin rather than feeling deeply
    moisturising like a night cream usually would; in fact it is quite matte
    and would make a great base for makeup. It is a very strange feeling so I
    understand what you’re saying about using a dry oil at night. I definitely
    like it though as it does a good job and the bonus is that it doesn’t make
    my hair greasy while I sleep if my hair gets in my face if that makes
    sense! X

  10. Glad you’re feeling better–you look bright and like your usual self : )
    Thanks for posting these; sorry we cannot get some of the products widely
    in the States!

  11. Thanks Ruth for your skin are videos. I will definitely take a look at the
    sainsbury’s one as am on a budget. Could you do skincare videos and
    identity great brands that are more affordable, I do know you like to mix
    them up. Been on the look out for anything to get rid of my acne scars and
    dark spot left behind now that I have gotten my acne situation somewhat
    under control. Love your skincare videos, they leave me aware and educated.

  12. Very nice recommendations! It’s nice to hear about some different products,
    and I hadn’t heard about any of these. Thank you for not being hyper,
    giggly, and for not using “like” every other word when describing
    something. Hope you are feeling better : )

  13. Thanks darling for posting this up. Glad that you’re doing better; there’s
    nothing wrong with your voice btw 🙂
    I personally love your skin care favorites/monthly favorites.
    On a side note, have you tried the giorgio armani lasting silk? I got it
    recently and thought that it’s amazing, thought that you might like it
    aswell 🙂 Have alovely day. Bisous

  14. Hi Ruth, Great advice as always and like others could sit and listen all
    day. What do you think about the midnight recovery oil from Kiehls? Seemed
    to block my pores and yet i have super dry skin?

  15. I love your hair this colour and length, it’s gorgeous. And your eyes are
    such a beautiful shade of blue. Great video as always, thank you, Ruth.
    Love watching you! 

  16. You look amazing in this video Ruth! Love the eyes and the cheeks!

    This video reminded me that I need to stock up on my Liquid Gold. Maybe I
    should wait until Weds if the Cult Beauty offer is any good ;-)

  17. Really great video! I feel like I could listen to you talk about skincare
    for hours without getting bored, and I like the idea of more targeted
    monthly favourites 🙂 I’ve also had a weird dry patch on my chin for a few
    weeks and I’ve kind of been waiting for it to fix itself but it’s not going
    away so I should probably start trying to heal it up :P

  18. Hi Ruth,
    funny, I have and use quite a few products you’ve mentioned in this video 😉
    I also had a rough patch on my skin recently, and used Clarins Lotus Oil to
    heal it. Just an idea…
    The LRP A.I. is amazing for those stubborn spots! Especially if you use it
    every few hours.
    How would you compare the Caudelie eye cream (I saw it in one of the photos
    you posted last week or so?) to the Strivectin one? Very curious…

    Looove your eyeshadow…

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