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  1. I’ve only tried 1 or 2 gel formula ones and I thought the same thing. This
    one really does seem to peel. It’s a pretty strong liquid formula if you
    can start rubbing and peeling right away!

  2. This looks great- such an innovative product! I’ve seen peels before but
    never anything like this in the spray format. I’m going to hunt around for
    it online to see if any of their stockists ship to the UK. I have some mild
    pigmentation issues (thank goodness for makeup, hey?!) so always looking
    for products like this which might help! I’ve recently been using the
    Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel (a creamy formula) which is really nice. x

  3. I believe their website sells internationally if you aren’t able to get it,
    let me know and I’ll get it and ship it to you 🙂 I never noticed my
    pigmentation issues until after I came back from Dominican Republic on
    vacation and lost my tan. I wore SPF 50 on my face but it apparently didn’t

  4. nice review! i’ve only tried one peel before and i really liked it. can’t
    remember the brand but i’m going to look for it so i can try it again! haha
    i did the same thing with glue when i was little too. 🙂

  5. Great review, never really tried any peels really, well maybe a gel one
    here and there throughout the years but never continuously. i am sad to say
    that I have never been big on face care ( tisk, tisk , me bad ) anyways
    your lighting is definately great , kudos on your new YT investment piece,
    you are even prettier now 🙂

  6. For many years I really neglected my skin, oh well, I try and take better
    care now. Thank you! I still have to mess with the settings but I’m very
    happy I picked it up! 🙂

  7. I used to cover the whole top of my hand with glue! I’ve never really
    dabbled into peels too much but I’m really enjoying this one.

  8. I used one in gel form by Aloette. I always wondered if it was actually my
    dead skin or just the ingredients balling together. This one looks great!

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