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  1. after much staring at your perfect face, i realized you’re most likely
    wearing a bit of pink lipcolor and possibly a bit of pink eyeshadow. Am i
    right? It’s completely natural and believable, i could only tell by staring
    😛 And i think i can see a lil contouring with some bronzer and
    highlighter. looks great =)

  2. Hey Ross! Thanks for the review! I wish I had sent one product from each
    collection since the botanical blends are the same in all four products in
    each collection. Normal has all those berries, wines and great antioxidants
    you mentioned. Sensitive: Kelp, Spirulina, Chamomile, Red Seaweed, Green
    Tea. Dry: Cactus, Yucca, Sage, Aloe, Licorice. Oily: Violet, White Willow
    Bark, Lavender, Dandelion, Echinacea, Tea Tree. Oh, and BTW the peppermint
    is just a natural fragrance not in an active amt.

  3. @toe0moe I did make a video about my personal routine, but I am planning on
    creating one about my “skincare secrets”! So in the near future, it’ll be

  4. @MensSkinCareWithRoss Have you tried Thayer’s witch hazel? It’s alcohol
    free! You can buy it at GNC and other health/vitamin shops.

  5. Can you review on another skin care line for men? It’s called men science
    dot com. I worded it like that because I can’t put a link.

  6. What kind of skin do you have? I wonder if what works for you would work
    for my boyfriend. He has oily to sensitive skin.

  7. I really do love your videos. As a beauty therapist/massage therapist, it’s
    interesting to see what other people recommend & use. Your videos are
    always spot on, informational and helpful. What is even more brilliant is
    that you actually know what you’re talking about. I see so many people with
    videos saying incorrect things and I’m like….what! That does not happen
    with your videos ^_^ Keep them going Ross. Matt x

  8. Coool… I never knew there was a company that promoted just for men. I
    found a great line for women… are these products 100% organic or toxic
    free? connect with me on FB .. facebook.com/ tracyselena looking forward to
    connecting over there. 🙂

  9. Ross, what skin products do you normally use? Do you take any supplements
    for skin care? Any homemade skin masks you’d recommend?

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