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  1. Hey Jessica this isn’t related to the video but your username is
    JessicaFench but on your channel it says French? Just a bit confused haha.
    And also I know lots of your subscribers want to know this so I though I’d
    ask… what happened to LondonFashionFreak? She was so good! She was one of
    the 1st people to sub to me I loved her! If it’s personal then please don’t
    feel like you have to explain, I’d just love it if you could tell her that
    we all loved her vids and would love if she came back 🙂

  2. @MelovesMusicAndstuff I don’t have to prove anything. But I’ve been sent
    stuff before and have said negative things about them. I strive on making
    sure my blog is 100% honest, positive or negative! I made this video to
    show people alternatives to high end skincare products. I like to have
    freedom on my blog and say what i truly feel, and if i was send a product
    to review i would let them know thats how its going to be. They didn’t tell
    me i had to review them, it was my choice to share this. xo

  3. @MelovesMusicAndstuff I was not paid to do this video, I just wanted to
    show everyone because they are great products, so I wanted to share this.
    Even if I was getting paid I still would be 100% honest. Sorry that you
    feel that way!

  4. @Jessy6067 I guess it depends on how much you’re willing to spend on
    skincare products… like she mentioned she still prefers her Dermalogica
    cleanser and will re purchase it after this one is finished… I guess if
    you can afford high end products this shouldn’t be a problem. I can’t, so
    I’m definately trying their moisturizer =]

  5. Will you continue to use these in your everyday routine? Or are you just
    saying they are good because you’ve been sent them? I dont mean this in a
    nasty way just dont want to end up buying something thats not that good

  6. @Betinhaac Thank you for informing others of this :)! xo btw the
    moisturiser is amazing, you will not be disappointed! xo

  7. @anaisanaisxx No I was not getting paid! If i was getting paid i would
    still be 100% honest positive or negative. xo

  8. @Jessy6067 they are really good products if your currently using high
    street skin care brands because i personally think they are better then
    simple. I cant say for others because I haven’t tried them. but compared to
    simple they are better. Thats why i have shared this! I made this video to
    show people an alternative to high end brands. Even though ive been sent
    them, I will still be 100% honest. positive or negative! I hope this helps
    🙂 xo

  9. @Jessy6067 I will continue to use the night cream, anti ageing moisturiser
    because they are seriously amazing products. I will also continue to use
    the cleanser until it runs out, then i will re purchase my dermologica
    because i find it more moisturising and i prefer the texture. oh and the
    exfoliator because i don’t like to waste products and its a good standard
    product. However I will not continue to use the facial wash simply because
    I prefer cleansers 🙂

  10. @millieflorencexo Yes they aren’t necessary but I do believe that its good
    to start young! Just because it helps prevent the signs of ageing & how you
    treat your body/skin now is how its going to be affected when you get
    older. I see it like this anyway, either way the products your using are
    going to be moisturising your skin etc so why not use products with ant
    ageing properties in it? It does no harm & they do the same thing accept
    obviously one has anti ageing properties added to it 🙂 xo

  11. Fab video hun. I’ve used the facial wash and exfoliator before and have to
    say they are brilliant. I love the brand because of their organic
    ingredients and their philosophy . Thanks for sharing xx

  12. @iliketurtlesism Yes! I said at the start that they were sent to me. I
    accepted because I thought it would be a good opportunity to try them, see
    what they were like and share them because i know that everyone wants good
    value, good quality skincare products! xo

  13. They look absolutely amazing! Wish I could get them but I don’t live in the
    UK. Is there any website that sells these products? Also, how do the
    products smell like?? I’m really into organic skincare and am always
    looking for new products to try. =)

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