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  1. I would appreciate a more thorough review of the products. How do they work
    compared to the promises, the textures etc. Suki isn’t readilly available
    in Finland and ordering Online is guite challenging when you can’t test
    products first. :)

  2. The book you’re reading sounds very interesting! I love hydrosouls! I’m
    currently using Evan Healy’s Rose hydrosoul. At first I thought it smelled
    odd, but now I find it smells like roses and I love it! I’m going to use it
    more often, since I don’t want to look like a raison! I loved this video
    and how informative it was. I hope you have a great weekend Valerie :)XO.

  3. Hey I have little white dots on my nose. They’re not whiteheads from
    pimples. It’s similar to milia. How can I get rid of them thanks!

  4. That’s exactly the way I been using 100% pure creamy cleanser, I don’t
    really like it as a cleanser but is a great makeup remover

  5. I really love your videos! but one word of advice I dont think you should
    put music in the background its reallt distracting and its hard to hear

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