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  1. Great review. You’re doing an awesome job of bringing up reviews for
    products I haven’t really heard about before. I’m definitely interested in
    the Tropical Deep Cleansing Masque. That sounds amazing! I’m not really
    interested in the mineral makeup because I’ve found I don’t really reach
    for loose powders.

  2. Great review, as always…I looked over at their site. I’m interested in
    that apple cider toner. I actually just watched a video here on YouTube of
    a woman who cleared her cystic acne by using apple cider vinegar, straight
    out of the bottle. I’m sure their toner is combined with other great things
    that would do great things…it’s kinda pricey tho….but I’d love to win
    that giveaway! Xo

  3. The green tea and chamomile moisturizer looks interesting. Very pricey
    though. Would Really have to think hard about trying this line due to the
    price tag! Loved the review though! 

  4. Great review! I had never heard of this skincare line before but pretty
    impressed after your video! The facial cream and the mask sound amazing.
    And especially the tools like the volcanic rock one. Wow!! I have
    combo/oily skin so I think they would work well. And I’m vegan and making a
    switch to entirely cruelty free so it’s nice to learn about any brands Im
    not familiar with. Also I’ve been watching your videos since the beginning
    of the year and finally subscribed 🙂 addicted to watching project pan vids
    haha. So because the giveaway I thought I’d go for it. Also it’s awesome
    that you’re a Him fan… K ramble over ;)

  5. The color of the eyeshadows on their website seems intriguing. I would
    love to try the mineral eyeshadow in amethyst. Looks like a beautiful
    shade. Thanks for the review, and keep them coming.

  6. Would love to see a review on the Lemon Aloe Night Cream I love Lemon
    anything!! So would be interested to see how it is 🙂 xx

  7. Oh my goodness! These products look amazing!! You are so lucky to have
    received so many products to use! I would love to try their products! I
    think skincare wise I would be interested in the Jojoba Tea Clarifying
    Cleanser and the Green Tea and Chamomile Moisturizer. Makeup wise I am
    totally interested in trying out those mineral blushes and also the mineral
    foundation! Great video as always!

  8. Wow, these products look so good! But they are very expensive. I’d
    definitely want to try them before purchasing. I’m interested in the deep
    cleansing masque.

  9. the rose hip and green tea mask sounds great i need hydration i am always
    in search for a great mask i have dry skin and after a good mask and
    vitamin c cream my face feels amazing

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