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  1. I’ve been wanting to start trying out organic skincare! This brand sounds
    really cool. I do always use organic coconut oil to remove my makeup,
    though.. but I’d love if all my skincare and makeup was organic as I eat
    mostly organic food 🙂 Oooh I love the look/sound of all these products!
    Thank you for sharing and for the honest review, especially on the lip
    products! <3 

  2. i used their acne regimen for a while and saw no results 🙁 the clay mask
    that came with the kit BURNED my face like crazy, and i don’t even have
    sensitive skin. such a shame, since so many youtubers raved about it

  3. I was scared to go check the prices but I was shocked to see it only being
    a little more expensive than drug store. Can’t wait to try. Organic all the

  4. omg i just bought this a few days ago and i completly its phonomenly good
    its FANTASTIC im so buying more of it thanks for the vidieo:)

  5. Mmmm yes creamsicles here.

    I’ve been interested a long time in this line but keep hesitating because I
    can only buy it online. I dunno why that stops me. Your review is making it
    harder to resist though. :)

  6. (Dutchie here): I really want to try some of these products, but I am
    afraid the customs will be too expensive (de invoerrechten:)). I searched
    online for Dutch webshops just in case, but no luck so far.. Do you happen
    to know of one?

  7. I picked up some of that organix serum that you constantly rave about and
    it actually ruined parts of my hair, (leaving it brassy and permanently
    stick straight). No wonder because it is full of chemicals, including
    formaldehyde! I used it because I trusted your opinion but now that I see
    you selling all this stuff I feel like a total idiot. Unsubbed. Good luck
    with your life in sales. 

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