The Importance of Natural Skincare by derma e® Co-Founder Dr. Linda Miles

Dr. Linda Miles, DOM, Co-Founder and Chief Formulator of derma e® informs us why natural skincare is better than conventional skincare and why derma e® natur…
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OPEN ME*** Hey Guys! Hope you enjoy this haul. For the most part I try and eat fresh, organic food, but Vitacost is great for organic/natural products tha…
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  1. I just subscribed! Love your channel, and love these goodies, you should do
    more similar videos! I’m dairy intolerant too and don’t eat meat, so I love
    all things vegan,healthy and organic, but they are so expensive I got to
    say. But I when it comes to health nothing is too much! 

  2. You should definitely do more of these videos! I’m so excited that you’re
    into natural/organic and cooking. If you want to explore natural makeup and
    skincare, that’s what my channel is about.

  3. Hey I’m Canadian too and I want to start ordering from Vitacost and I was
    just wondering how much the conversion rate was when you switched to CAD
    dollars and if you think it’s still discounted enough to really make it
    worth it. And if you’ve ever had additional customs fees when ordering from
    them? Thank you!

  4. I get my Dr. Bronner stuff from Target here, I live just outside of
    Toronto-you should try their Peppermint liquid soap…amazing as my face
    cleanser and brush cleaner! Also I hear you can get Thayer’s alcohol free
    toner (Rose petal Witch Hazel) on Vitacost, if you see it that is a must
    buy too!!

  5. Awesome congrats on losing your baby weight. I love vitacost. If you want
    to follow my weightloss journey follow me at marfitlife on Instagram. I
    have two wonderful children and have lost over 30lbs twice lol. I feel that
    I’m the same way with dairy I feel extremely sick if I have too much. I
    have pretty much gave most of it up. I have purchased kids vitamins. I have
    also purchased quest bars. I haven’t tried the pb2. Anyway great video. Xoxo
    Marlene Ontario Canada

  6. Loved this video I have been on an all natural journey lately for myself
    and family so it’s always great to see what other people are liking etc u
    should try out the dr bronners for making homemade cleaning products and
    skin care u can use their liquid version or u can turn the bar to liquid
    which is meant to be a cheaper way there are tilts of videos on YouTube and
    recipes on Pinterest and dr bronners site

  7. The BEST protein bar I have ever tried are the Quest Bars. Pretty
    expensive here in Canada, but Vitacost has them for about $2 each which is
    a great price. Highly recommend the White Chocolate Raspberry and Cookies
    & Cream. Or the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, you can make that and it
    makes the best chocolate chip cookies!

  8. You should try the ALT bars by Larabar. It’s essentially a Larabar and a
    protein bar in one. It’s on the lower end of protein with only 10g, but
    they’re the only ones I eat. 

  9. Being a busy working mother and desperate to lose that last stone I would
    love it if you could do a video on how you have managed to lose weight and
    what exercises you manage to do at home.

  10. Dr. Bronner’s IS awesome for washing brushes!!! I use the liquid though,
    and really like the peppermint because it smells amazing! I already have
    the almond on the way from vitacost, so next time I’ll have to try the tea
    tree. Oh, and I also use it for cleaning my toddler sons bath tub! Great
    alternative to harsh chemicals :)

  11. Hey babe, girl ya got wanting 2 try Vitacost now!!! Ya had alot of great
    items!!! I’m like u, I have a HUGE sweet tooth all day!!! So I’ve been
    eating alot of chocolate flavored rice cakes, I think they taste good??!!!
    And I’m really luving adding chocolate protein powder and a spoonful of
    organic peanut butter in my smoothies, Ugh it’s like HEAVEN!!!! I laughed
    when ya said that Alex likes feeding the dogs his food, bcuz my lil guy
    does the same thing with my cat lol!!! I’m extra excited 2 see ur weight
    loss vid, btw Congrats that’s AWESOME!!!! Okay every time I leave u a
    comment it becomes a book!!!! Lol….I hope ua have a BEAUTIFUL and BLESSED
    day… Luv ya babe

  12. I use the Reviva alpha DMAE cream at night and love it! I use the Andalou
    naturals brightening tumeric + C enlighten serum and Andalou naturals
    brightening luminous eye serum during the day and love them both!! I get
    all of my vitacost recommendations from vlogwithkendra. she is crazy about
    them, so you should definitely subscribe to her channel if you haven’t

  13. Great to hear you got rid of baby weight 🙂 You can get Dr. Bronner’s soap
    (bars and liquid bottles) at Superstore, health food section. When they are
    on sale, the price isn’t too bad

  14. I LOVE that u literally have turned into me!! I am obsessed with pb n
    chocolate protein shakes and I literally just made my own chicken soup! All
    I buy is organic skin care and food so I’m in love with this video! Def
    please continue sharing everything u enjoy! So happy ur into this stuff

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