True Beauty Box- Unboxing April 2013! All Natural Cosmetics and Skin Care Box!

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Jarrod Blandino, founder of Too Faced Cosmetics, shows how to get a natural, sexy day-time look using their Natural Face, Eye, and Lip collections. For the s…
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  1. Instead of spending $20/$30 on random items you may or may not like, why
    not just go out and spend $30 on stuff you do actually want or need. Much
    better value for money.

  2. “The value of my box was $54.” Come on, Suzy, I’m sure your box is worth
    way more than that. Forgive me, I couldn’t resist. 😉

  3. @nikkiferry93 they probably come in various shades. If not you can go to
    your local sephora and ask for natural looking products made for dark skin
    tones^^. There are a lot of brands creating lines that are specificaly made
    of darker shades for daker skin tones^^.

  4. This guy is very sexual O__o With the name of the eyeshadow and the
    mascara, and he keeps saying sexy, seductive…wth.

  5. She seemed to already have makeup before the application. But who cares, I
    LOVE Shadow Insurance. I think is the best product Too faced has and is the
    best primer in the market.

  6. @spookybanshee I’m a mother of three including a one year old baby. I have
    almost all of these products from too faced. I love them and they are part
    of my daily have routine. It just takes a few minutes and I look put
    together and beautiful. Not like the crazy woman I feel like with a six,
    five and one year old. 😉

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