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  1. I absolutely LOVE your videos!! You are now one of my favorites. I have a
    list made out to purchase items from AWE….just waiting for a sale now.
    Also I’m getting my ingredients together for your DIY skin care. Thank yoou
    so much for your sharing!! OH! I also wanted to ask if the milk powder
    you use NON-fat or whole?

  2. Hey Himani! Absolutely love your videos! I like your dress and I love the
    background of this video its awesome.. Love you Himani waiting for more
    videos from you <3

  3. You are such a nice person Himani. Thankyou for sharing these great tips
    with us. We really appreciate your efforts:-) good luck :-)

  4. Hey Himani, do you have a DIY for ingrown body hair? It’s so annoying
    because my hair is curly so it naturally grows in ringlets and that causes

  5. Hi Himani! Do you mind doing a video on reducing blackheads on the nose or
    anywhere? I really need help getting rid of the blackheads on my nose :(

  6. Hello, I love your channel! I was just wondering if you have any tips on
    body acne and body skin lightening. Thank you! 

  7. Hello & Hie dear sis..
    im from Malaysia.
    really love ur beauty tips.

    a doubt to ask :
    i really wanna try ur tips to get rid of blackheads & whiteheads.
    but i’ve an oily skin…can i use yogurt for my face?

    thank you ^_^

  8. You requested it and I made the video for you!! **hugs** Here’s Natural
    Skin Care Routine for Acne prone skin or Oily Skin. 🙂

    Don’t forget to tune in next week for another requested natural beauty
    video, my lovelies!

    Lots of love! xo

  9. Hey Himani, started watching your videos lately and I absolutely love
    them.just wanted to ask you few questions regarding one of your skin
    lightening videos. I made a mixture of liquorice roots water and raw honey
    but wasn’t sure about the consistency. should the paste be of thick
    consistency or syrup consistency? Also do I have to boil the liquorice
    roots in water or do I just soak it? Awaiting your response. Thank you so
    much for sharing these amazing remedies.

  10. Hey himani! Absolutely love your videos! Can i buy AWE cosmetics from the
    shops or do i have to buy it online? And I was also wondering if u could
    get us coupon codes as the prices are quite high for most teenagers.
    Thankyou! I love you!

  11. Am sooo lucky that i came across your videos on youtube nd saw all of
    them… Am following some of them too nd i download and pass it to my frnds
    ttoo…. Thank u so much himani… Love u lots…. Can i get these products
    online in india?

  12. Hey dear plz upload video related to “how to get rid of dark lips” and how
    to remove birthmark naturally.

  13. Hi Himana I am loving your videos!! Please can you do a video for dark
    underarms and also something for light (fair) hairs on your breasts? 🙁 

  14. The products look really interesting. Too bad there are a bit expensive for
    me right now 🙁 Is it mainly an online product?

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