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  1. Hi, does this work on stretch marks? Love all your videos. I check out your
    websites and like your products as well. I will try those some day. thank
    you for sharing the recipe.

  2. Hi Evan, this formula works for about 70% of those that try it and do it
    regularly. Of course everyone’s physiology/nutrition is different and scar
    type and age will also play a factor. If this doesn’t work after a few
    weeks, we have a number of other skin care and body care formulas that
    might. I can’t mention the website in the comments section but it is given
    in the “show more” section below this video. Good luck! – Regina video
    presenter, RD Alchemy Natural Products San Diego, CA

  3. Hi Could I please have a list with the ingredients. There are a couple of
    things that I dont know what they are and I need to look for them so I
    would need their accurate names and how they are spelt. Thank you!

  4. Hi, sure here they are: Aloe vera gel, Calendula Tea, Comfrey Leaf Tea,
    lemon juice, Vitamin E, Rosehip Seed Oil, lavender essential oil. – Have
    fun! – Regina video presenter from RD Alchemy Natural Products San Diego,

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