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Natural Skincare - Jojoba Oil Amazing for your Skin!

Jojoba oil can do wonders for your skin! It can help improve your tone, elasticity, fine lines, pores, and texture! In addition to this, Jojoba oil has antib…
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  1. What the heck! You’ve got the most beautiful skin! OMG! I just purchased
    mineralixers oil cleansers by bare minerals. I really like it thus far but
    it may be just a tab-bit drying?

  2. I’m going to do this. But Instead of putting all that olive oil in, I might
    make it half olive oil and the other half coconut oil. 

  3. This is crazy I just saw this on Pinterest last night and here you go with
    a video! Will def be trying this thanks for posting

  4. Your skin is just lovely. At first I thought you had on some type of base
    makeup. Glad to be proven wrong. I’ve tried this method off and on never
    sticking to it. After seeing how beautiful your skin is I am going to
    start back. There are so many harsh chemical products out there (costing
    hundreds of dollars) that slough off the dead skin cells and restore a
    natural glow. When all that is needed is a good oil washing. Thank
    you for Posting. 

  5. Please dont keep water in your sink EVER. Not for shaving, especially not
    for facial use. Your sink is 100% likely full of bacteria.

  6. @m041383 It’s meant to balance your skin’s oil cycle. It will do this in a
    few days, give or take. Ultimately, you won’t get any new pimples after the
    first impurities come to the surface, and your face should be clear of your
    dark spots in 1-3 months. So, yes, it supposedly clears up acne.

  7. No one would ever want to walk around throughout the day with the presence
    of dark circles under the eyes. However, they will appear if your lifestyle
    is one that contributes to the development of dark circles.

  8. I’ve been using it for about 3 months, I use it as a moisturizer every
    night. It has completely gotten rid of my dry skin issue, but my clogged
    pores are still stubborn. 

  9. You were the best to describe this! I have clogged pores which causes me to
    get that acne under my skin that really hurts. I think that’s cystic acne?
    Anyways, do you think if I clear up my clogged pores with jojoba my hurtful
    acne should go away? Do you know anyone who has it like me and the end
    result? And is it okay if I rub 2-3 drops into my face, wash my face…and
    then moisturize with it with another 2 drops? I heard to this this one
    time. Thanks!

  10. @vintagecar6 Yes, I definitely leave the jojoba oil on my skin 🙂 I put it
    on as soon as i’m done with my evening shower. I should mention that I
    ususally only put it on in the evenings when I’m not going to put any
    makeup on on top of it. In the mornings, when I wash my face with water, i
    don’t usually put any jojoba on. Although it might work as a nice base!
    Never tried it before 🙂

  11. hello 🙂 nice because I really am a teenager and I would love you recommend
    me a very mild soap (not maltrete skin, or irritated),.. I have oily skin
    .. and what worries me most are the whiteheads. and I have recommended
    salicylic acid but say too dry skin and of benzoyl perioxido but I decided
    … But the truth as I have used, not much confidence I have alos harsh
    soaps So do not think there is a preferred organic foam soap for my problem
    .. with a natural ingredient that helps me? thankss ;D

  12. Hey there! That’s very strange, I’ve never heard of it stinging your eye.
    Hmmm 🙁 I do know when it comes to jojoba, a very tiny bit goes a long way.
    You mentioned that you get an oily glow. You shouldn’t really ever see any
    oiliness, if you do, you might be putting too much? I hope this helps, and
    sorry that you haven’t had much luck with it 🙁

  13. Just wanted people to know that jojoba oil can be purchased at Sally Beauty
    Supply too. Its the Queene Helene brand and it has worked for my dry hair
    and very acne prone skin. I paid about $6.00 for an 8 oz. bottle.
    Unbeatable! Check out the guy on how to apply the drops to your
    moisterizer too. He can be found on youtube and his skin is unbelievably
    clear and supple!

  14. Sorry! I just saw this post and realized I haven’t responded yet 🙂 I’m
    curious to know how you’re doing now that a month has gone by? Has your
    skin adjusted to it? I only use it after my evening shower. I don’t
    typically wear it under make-up … but I don’t see why you can’t! Just
    remember, a little goes a LONG way with jojoba 🙂

  15. That’s awesome, I’m so glad it’s helping you. It’s funny you mention mixing
    it with coconut oil. I just tried doing that about a month ago, and
    absolutely loved it. It’s a bit thicker, but great for winter time when it
    can get very dry!

  16. @NaturallyAlive Great, Thanks for your supporting & you are the one who let
    me be brave to keep using jojoba for my clogged pore until it’s clear.
    Awaiting for ur make up video, & tell us what you use for moisturiser
    before make up. Thanks again!

  17. @sueryun I’m glad it helped! Yes, your skin definitely needs time to
    adjust. I’m don’t know too much about egyptian magic, I’ve never heard of
    it before. But I know jojoba oil works well with pretty much any skin type,
    you just need to let it cleanse your skin first. And remember, a tiny drop
    on damp skin truly goes a long way 🙂 Good luck and let me know how it goes

  18. So sorry that I missed your post … I hope you have found a good jojoba
    oil in your area by now …. but I usually buy it at my local healthfood
    store. They all have them. Just make sure it’s 100% pure jojoba oil.

  19. i have oily skin and have problems with pimples/acne and i was just tired
    of having to blot my face all the time, and also having redness and patchy
    skin on and off. i came across your video and thank God for this! my daily
    routine now is to wash my face with a deep cleansing cleanser, use a toner,
    then with one pump of organic moisturizer by Sukin and one drop of jojoba
    oil, i massage it into my face. my skin is neither dry nor oily! i also
    scrub my face twice a week. my skin is loving it!!

  20. It’s supposed to be better for your skin if you leave the pimple alone …
    it should go away on it’s own. But personally, I’m a squeezer lol. I can’t
    help it, just too tempting!!! LOL. BUT, I’m not a multisqueezer lol…
    that’s when you get into trouble. If you’re gonna squeeze, I say do it once
    and let it heal hehe 🙂

  21. @wingwing1238 Hi! You can definitely use Jojoba as your cleanser too – it
    works really well! But for me, I find I don’t really need a cleanser,
    because I just wash my make-up off in the shower with Johnsons head-to-toe.
    It works great on my face – not harsh at all like other cleansers. I don’t
    really use much sunscreen unless I’m going to be outdoors a lot – but I do
    love using makeup! I highly recommend Bare Escentuals mineral makeup …
    I’ll do a video on that soon!

  22. I really want to try this but i have some questions soo here they are ….
    do you wash your face in the shower (with what) before you put on the oil
    and in the morning should you wash with a cleasner and use a mosturizer or
    what??? thanks for the video i cant wait to try!

  23. @NaturallyAlive lol no problem, im gonna try the desert essence jojoba snd
    ditch this stuff I got on ebay. a quick question though.. which should I be
    buying the cold pressed or organic? primarily for the face as a

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