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Although I usually recommend shopping for natural skincare products from Vitacost (linked below, along with coupon), I bought a few products locally and from…

This routine has really saved my skin the past two months. It is very low maintenance, incredibly inexpensive, and involves no chemicals. Click here for more…
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  1. the most natural eye make up remover is aloe vera gel mixed with any good
    oil (l use aloe and almond oil or olive oil) or just plain pure coconut oil

  2. a comment from Shawna Del Real explaining a more effective method of using
    this product.
    I took her advice & sure enough she was 100% right!

    ♥ My Routine:
    I prep my eye with luke warm water, just to get the makeup moving. Then I
    go ahead with my cotton pad and apply makeup a teaspoon amount of this
    product. I hold it against my eye for 10-seconds (maybe less). I gently
    scrub and BAM! it’s gone. I repeat this with my other eye. Finally, I apply
    a pea sized amount to remove my foundation & face makeup.

    I’m so shocked at how this technique has changed how I feel about this
    product! I use less of it and it removes more of the gunk. 

  3. Although I usually recommend shopping for natural skincare products from
    Vitacost (To receive $10 off of a $30 purchase for new Vitacost customers,
    please visit, I bought a few
    products locally and from another retailer just because I wanted them right
    away and had a store credit for the online stuff. I’m excited to share &
    introduce some my new skincare/beauty/hygiene regimen goodies. Please let
    me know what products you’ve been trying and have been excited about too!
    Feel free to request reviews for any of these as well. :)

  4. you have amazing sking you should try SHEA BUTTER it does wonders to skin..
    btw i love coconut oil so much but shea butter takes it to the next level

  5. Thanks for sharing your skincare routine with us. These are great DIY
    items. Thanks for sharing your beauty tips with us. Keep up the fun videos,
    we’ll be watching. –Your affordable razor brand, DorcoUSA*com

  6. i find if i blend the oats a bit the texture is easier to work with…no
    big chunks falling and more usable…i guess quick oats will be almost the
    same. to eat i use steel cuts oats not good for the face..ha ha

  7. Some people don’t like it for the face so I completely understand. Try it
    as a moisturizer for your body after the shower though, it is a real
    lifesaver for me.

  8. Thank you! I appreciate that. Make sure to tweet/Facebook me once you give
    it a try, I’d love to know how you like it!

  9. You should try grinding up your oats in the blender, when I was in school
    we made a face mask with ground up oats and it was a lot less messy!

  10. Target, in the PJ section last year, haha. I don’t know why it as marketed
    as a cardigan for sleep but I wear it all the time.

  11. I found your channel after looking for a Nutiva coconut oil review. Love
    all the info you share! I also love using pure, organic and all natural
    products. Thanks again for sharing! I’ll keep watching

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