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  1. Your skin is looking Fabulous! I do just want to say that that bar of soap
    is not pure African Black soap. To give you a better description of what it
    looks like imagine a soggy granola bar. The soap is made from
    plantains.They usually send you chunks/ bars of it. You can break off put
    in another container because it tends to hold the water in it… The black
    soap you have has perfumes probably and black dye. I had purchased one from
    Wholefoods. You can get the pure stuff from Amazon:example:

  2. I really like what you said about toning the breakout last. It makes so
    much sense, but not something you would think of in the moment. Thanks for

  3. Hi you can also use castor oil with extra virgin olive oil use 40%� castor
    60% extra virgin olive oil rub it all over your face then get a wash
    clothes run in hot water or warm depending on what you can tolerate and put
    it in your face for about� 30 seconds then wipe all your face and that
    should help you with the acne, black headds it will just clear your face!

    another option would be using La Roche-Posay ( Effaclar Acne system)
    products and theres a kit you can try� for 30����������������������$ you
    can also get it at ulta!�….try researching on essential oi�ls for face
    and body you are going to see a lot of difference!

    good luck 

  4. I love your video! It is so nice to hear someone who is real. You made me
    smile. You are also so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love your enthusiasm!!

    “some bird running around in Australia” hilarious!

    But, thanks for these recommendations, my skin has been fine for years and
    then suddenly, BAM, acne… *ugh* My skin has been through such a
    rollercoaster of too oily-too-dry-dried-out after all the random acne
    products, but I’m excited to hear about natural products that have helped.
    Got to try them!

  6. Thank you for the tips! Your skin is glowing and I love that you say you
    want to be able to leave the house without feeling like you have to wear
    makeup to cover up because i feel the same way! I’ve been trying out some
    natural products too 

  7. Your skin looks beautiful :). Love this video. I have a lot of these
    products at home but I do not have emu oil. Did you have acme blemishes on
    your face before using it? I’ve read that emu oil will clear your skin and
    get rid of dark spots. 

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