My Natural Skincare Routine: Morning to Night

EXPAND FOR MORE INFO*** By Request… My natural skincare routine step by step: morning and night. I ran out of time in this video but if you like I can d…

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  1. Sorry for all the typos. I was typing fast and didn’t proof read…. Oops.
    I’m so over whelmed. I was just trying to spit it all out as fast as I
    could. Help

  2. I really need so help/advice I’ve been using one of ur personal recipes for
    oil cleansing ( face) for about a week. They craziest thing has been
    happening for two days now!!! I did my daily oil cleaning routine for my
    face, but yesterday I took a clean round foundation pad. I rubbed it it a
    few places on face to blot off the extra oil. I looked down at the pad and
    it had a couple of pink streaks on it. At first I didn’t really think
    anything about it. I took a wedge and got it damp ( yes I’m using clean
    pads) I rubbed/ patted in a couple of spots. I looked at the wedge and
    thought what the heck?? So I got a Cotten ball this time ……. Yes, it
    did it again with the Cotten. Now, I get a warm/ hot white wash rag….
    Yep, 2 tiny pink spots. I started to get scared. I had no clue what was
    going on. After cleaning everything off I just put a little coconut oil on
    and just went to bed. The next day after my cleaning routine I wondered
    hmmm, so I tried it again … Yes, everything got pink streaks and spots.
    Then my daughter noticed my teeth…. My teeth and toung all were pink. I
    brushed my teeth and toung and everything came off. About ten min. Later I
    noticed my toung was dry, so I looked and DING DANG IT!!! My toung was
    bright pink again. I watched in a 10x mirror as I brush toung again. It got
    clean, but I sat there a watched. I could feel and see little pink bumps
    pop up. When I closed my mouth and swallowed I looked again and bumps were
    gone, BUT MY INTIRE TOUNG WAS PINK AGAIN!! This is freaking me out now.
    What the hell is going on? Please, someone tell me this has happened to u
    to and that it’s ok! I have noticed my taste buds are wacko right now also
    ( duhhh cause they are popping up and turning pink!!! My toung is also
    constantly very dry. My skin on my face also feels strange and I guess dry.
    It’s even kinda sore. Tonight I just washed face with wet rag and skipped
    everything, but this time I just blotted a little extra virgin oliv oil on.
    Face feels pretty good now. ( btw, the carrier oil was coconut oil when I
    noticed all the crazy stuff going on. No, I’m not allergic. I’ve also used
    in oil pulling and dry spots on my body. Please please tell me I not a
    wacko lol

  3. Wonderfully informative video. I actually stopped caring for my skin
    because I thought I needed the very expensive cleansing kits from the
    cosmetic companies. Now, I anxiously embrace oil cleansing. Thank you for
    new hope. Is there a reason why you mix the oils each time, rather than
    conjuring up a small bottle full?
    Thank you for teaching and thank you for sharing.
    Queens, NY

  4. Thanks so much for this video! I’ve been looking into natural skincare for
    a couple of years now, and have been oil cleansing for about a year. I’ve
    got super sensitive skin like, even products labeled for sensitive skin
    irritated my skin. So I’m finding the natural stuff is best. 

  5. This is actually a rather lot of individual products… do you have a
    fewer-product routine, or even a travel-friendly routine (something that
    would be suitable to pack in a TSA-approved toiletry kit?

  6. I have a million oils that I use for different parts of my beauty regimen.
    I think the oils you are using are great but not the apple cider vinegar,
    it’s too astringent for the face, the witch hazel is great on its own. Also
    just a friendly word of advice, here in Australia the most trusted oil
    brands tend to bottle ALL oils (especially jojoba and rosehip) in amber or
    dark bottles so that it reduces photon and auto-oxidation and preserves all
    the natural vitamins and minerals. 

  7. I just started watching your videos recently, and am now subscribed. I
    think you are so absolutely adorable! Thank you for sharing these awesome
    tips and recipes with us

  8. Hi, Do you use spf on your face as it seems you use oils on your face but
    what abou spf protection? Thanks for the helpful video…

  9. Yes, you are correct. It is very important to take care of your skin
    everyday. There is nothing better to have beautiful natural skin. I am
    not a makeup everyday girl, but I am a everyday regimen clean natural face
    girl. You look beautiful. God Bless.

  10. what nail polish colour is that please and also could you maybe do a video
    on how you keep your nails healthy and strong to grow because they’re gorge

  11. Preach!!!! 5:48-6:38 Skin care is vital. I’ve had a morning and night
    routine since the age of 17 and now that I’m 40 I’m so grateful. Great
    video Hun :)

  12. You are right about investing in skin care. My face is oily, acne prone/
    blemished with dark marks. My makeup didn’t look right, but when I invest a
    little more money in skin care (more water and products that agree with my
    skin and seeing my dermatologist that specializes in black skin) my makeup
    look so much better. I will check out the website because I noticed that my
    skin love prodcuts that are natural from the earth. Thank you so much. Stay

  13. I will check out the line you recommend but off the top of your head can
    you recommend an oil free cleanser that is also gluten free? I know,
    both my skin and I are difficult. 🙂
    Thank you!

  14. You are so right on the Matured Skin and the neck area. I’m 55+ and so far
    so good. Your hair is growing back so fast and very informative video. Love
    u girl.

  15. I love that your doing this kind of video. I want to see more of this.
    especially routine or products that can be used on sensitive and acne prone
    skin :)

  16. I will definitely check out the site, u are right about taking care of ur
    skin, thanks for the info, beautiful make-up look please do a tutorial

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