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  1. I ordered this book specifically on your recommendation, I can’t begin to
    tell you how much I love it. I’m going to try the meal plan inside, have
    you done it yet?

  2. AWESOME review Nikky! So thorough and informative !!

    Those granola muffins sound like a yummy (and of course healthy, lol)
    breakfast option! Looking forward to seeing more of your reviews! Xo…:D

  3. Great video! I discovered Joy’s channel through one of your videos and I’m
    so glad I did! I really want to check out this book too–you’ve definitely
    convinced me that it’s a must-read! Such great information! Also, you
    should do a video on how you do your makeup, your eye makeup looks
    fabulous! :)

  4. This is one of my favourite health books ever! Joy was one of my teachers
    when I was going to IHN last year. 🙂 So excited to try those double
    chocolate cookies; thanks for mentioning them! (I had totally overlooked
    them because there wasn’t a picture.)

  5. Thank you for showing me this book it is just what i’ve been looking for
    lately! And would love a to see a good prep video! :)

  6. I just ordered the book and can not wait til May 6th. Thank you for
    sharing this book along with your GREAT tips. I have learned so much from
    watching your videos and look forward to more :-)

  7. I really want to check this out! I actually discuss natural skincare in my
    video, its a skincare routine one if you’re interested :)

  8. I made the double chocolate gluten free cookies and I totally agree, they
    were absolutely amazing! You should also try the chilli chocolate bark,
    that one was super good too

  9. This sounds so yummy !!! 🙂 You should read another great book that I’ve
    just finished reading : ‘365 vegan smoothie’ by Kathy Patalsky 🙂 It’s full
    of healthy smoothies, I’m sure you’d like it :)

  10. Great book review! I hope you do more of them. I had already ordered the
    book from Amazon, but I canceled that order and ordered it again through
    your link. : )

  11. I’m not seeing the link to the book. I’d like to check i out for sure.
    I’d ike to support our channel instead of just looking for on amazon.

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