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  1. Your skin is gorgeous. I love your channel! Haven’t ever commented, but
    I’ve been subbed for a while and love your content! I post similar content
    on my channel if you’re interested in checking it out 🙂 So interesting how
    you use honey alone to wash your face, that’s really cool. I will have to
    try that out because I use honey every week for a diy mask and LOVE it

  2. Lovely routine! I like how you said when your skin has a “proper freakout”
    I’m so using that term next time that happens with me too. ;)

  3. I love a good simple skincare routine, just had a thought if you want to
    guinea pig another blemish treatment, years ago I used to use one from
    Handmade Naturals it’s called “Aromatic Roll-on *ANTIBACTERIAL* with New
    Zealand Manuka & Tea Tree” costs £4.35 (excluding delivery)

  4. Your makeup has been looking especially gorgeous lately!
    Thanks for this – I also have skin that is breakout and oil prone, but
    needs to stay moisturized so it doesn’t start looking oily AND dehydrated
    haha – so hearing skin care routines from people in a similar situation is
    always helpful! 

  5. Lovely video. I also like organic raw honey as a cleanser. I love Suti too,
    but they are very expensive! Have you tried Pai? xx

  6. Hi Rachel, your skin is looking amazing! What can you recommend for
    dehydrated skin? I can’t use water based moisturisers as my skin breaks out
    from the waxes and preservatives so currently using pai’s rosehip oil but
    still getting rough patches. Any ideas?xxx

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