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  1. Ohhhh, my goodness, I wouldn’t know that the beige mix already in the
    container wasn’t from the store or something!

  2. I read somewhere that you shouldnt use metal with bentonite clay. When
    making powder I find mixing it in a coffee grinder mixes it really well but
    Ive been afraid of the metal ruining it. What is your opinion of that?

  3. As much as I love the idea, please be aware that bentonite clay is not
    safe, in fact the Food Standards Agency have issued a report, “Consumer
    warning on clay reissued”. Many brands contain lead and arsenic. 

  4. ok so i really need this foundation and i am going to make a vid to test it
    out and if you can help me i will give u a shout out…i have clay here at
    home but i dont have powder clay how do you think i can make it? or do you
    have a way without the clay? plus i need to use cocoa cause my skin is that

  5. Also, are you from Nfld or Cape Breton? I noticed the Compliments Bottle
    and slight accent. I am from Nova Scotia by the way :)

  6. I’ll try it out! I just searched online on our currency and found the
    ingredients easily! And will definitely make a concealer out of it since I
    had really bad dark circles. Thanks so much!

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