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  1. Most people have no clue that toxins cause premature aging and all kinds of
    skin disorders! Toxins are in your skin care. Even the so-called “natural”
    stuff. You MUST read the ingredients. Connect the dots!

    Toxins and synthetics do not belong inside or on your body! I ONLY use
    organic, food-grade products on my body. Tru Earth is a company i fell in
    love with about 7 months ago because of my mom (who is a health counselor
    by the way) and i’ll never go back ­čÖé

    Here’s there Facebook page:

  2. this is my least favorite video i’ve watched of yours. you’re amazing and
    your videos are amazing, tutorials are so helpful and you are so beautiful.
    But this look i’d have to say looks sort of dreary and you usually look so
    bright and alive! foundation is alright but the eye makeup isn’t as it
    could be. Silica all the way!!´╗┐

  3. I’ve used the drHauscka mascara, and although I loved the effect, the
    formula didnt felt natural at all. My eye was itching badly.. I wont
    repurchase this product, though I liked the result on my eyelashes.´╗┐

  4. Hello the rings you wear look like Wright and Teague. I have the same ring
    with the flower in silver from these designers. I wear it all the time
    too. Very rare to find in Cyprus. Good taste. Thanks for all your

  5. Yay Dr. Hauschka! It’s a German brand, I love it – Germany makes some
    really great organic skincare and cosmetic products! :-)´╗┐

  6. I recently started to use Aveda make up. Their mineral tinted moisturizer,
    powder foundation and bronzers are fantastic! I just cant use theatrical
    makeup like MAC or Bobbi Brown anymore because I have a severe sensitivity
    to toxins which cause me to break out horribly. I use as much mineral
    makeup as I can. I love that Aveda has reusable palettes but I do agree,
    their line is limited to a small selection. Less is more I guess. Would
    love more of these organic/natural tutorials…Thx :0)´╗┐

  7. My skin does not agree well with witch hazel so i can’t use much Dr
    Hauschka products, but i do recommend their lipsticks. With dry lips it’s
    always the torture of having to choose between lipbalm and lipstick, but
    with all the butters and oils inside, they are very moisturising and i
    don’t have to compromise on colour. Also, Lavera lipbalms are a stapple
    item for me, i’ve been using them for years.´╗┐

  8. Thank you so much for this video! I’ve been on the search for organic or
    natural makeup products, and this is a very helpful video. Really
    appreciate it. ´╗┐

  9. lisa, i know a lot of companies state that animal welfare is high on their
    list of priorities, however if they market their products in china, then
    they are agreeing to animal testing. a lot of the products that used to be
    cruelty free are abandoning that position to make money in china. estee
    lauder is the first one that comes to mind because they own so many of the
    companies. a lot of the younger brands that do not seem to have any
    similarity to estee are owned by them. it is a shame because if you google
    the phrase “does insert company here”, before you even put in the words
    “test on animals”, it comes up as a recommendation, usually the first one.
    that tells me that people are constantly googling this. i don’t know why a
    large company would abandon all of their western customers for china. i
    predict that their profit margins will be low because of this. anyway,
    cosmetics are your business and you need to be able to buy all of it. for
    the rest of us, there is no reason to purchase these products. there are
    plenty of really good brands like nars, stila, etc. who do not test.´╗┐

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