Healthy February Favourites! Organic Foods, Natural Skincare & More…

Find out what my healthy favourites were for the month of February. Products I Mentioned: -Everyday Coconut body wash -NOW Solutions Moroccan red clay powder…
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  1. I though kind bars were okay for you as well: but check this video out,
    from a nutritionist. Healthy Protein / Snack Bar Options with Amanda

  2. Awesome favorites this month! I love Joy! She’s so sweet in-person, too. I
    can’t wait to get my hands on her book! I love the idea of clay masks, I
    need to try them!
    And that Kind bar… oh, man, my FAVORITE. It’s my version of a candy bar!!
    Love it. 

  3. Mmm I absolutely LOVE the peanut butter and dark chocolate flavoured KIND
    bars…you’re right, they are a great snack and dessert option! Plus,
    they’re delicious!

  4. I really want to try something from the Everyday coconut brand, it sounds
    so good. And I really want to read the Joyous health book, it sounds like a
    book I would really enjoy! :)

  5. Hey ! I was wondering if you could do a video on different diet fads with
    their pros and cons? I am trying to maintain a grain free/dairy free diet,
    but I am making sure I still get all of my nutrients from other foods but
    it would be nice to hear someone else’s point of view on the subject.

  6. Great favs as always. I’d love a review on undiet funny you mention that I
    was just on her channel catching up before watching this vid. Undiet has
    been on my amazon wishlist for a bit.Im intrigued by this fish oil. I did
    the pills and never repurchased cause they left my breathe fishy and were

  7. I bruise easily and I have a weak right ankle that always swells and is a
    minor sprain so thank you I will def be picking that anica gel! Where did
    you find it exactly? 

  8. I loved this video but then again, I love all of your videos. 🙂 Very
    professionally edited and so well done. Hey, I just left a comment on one
    of Brenda’s videos for you. Did you see it? I had a question about how to
    use the Brain Waves app you recommended. I bought it! But now not sure what
    to do with it at night when I go to sleep? Do I have to turn on the app and
    then put in headphones for the rest of the night? Please let me know
    because my sleep is so disturbed and I waked around 3am often. :/

  9. Great video! I want that book so bad! Please do a review.

    Ezekial bread is amazing! Definitely check out the muffins. I love popping
    one in the toaster in the morning and grabbing it as I was out the door.

  10. heey honey! you were talking about all those face masks and I remembered a
    homemade face mask that I do once in a while, it’s all natural and it is
    sooooo good for your skin! just mix: 1 tsp of honey, 1 egg white and 1 tsp
    of milk , apply to your face, let it dry for about half an hour, then wash
    your face with warm water and just a splash of cold water afterwards, then
    just pat it dry! you won’t believe it, try it out ;)

  11. I’d love a review on the joyous health book : ) another great video btw!
    random information: “vogel” means bird.. ; ) xx

  12. that was sooo interesting thanks , im into only using natural products on
    my skin , ive noticed a great difference in my skin since doing so x love
    your videos glad i found you xxx ps did you do your left eye ? x

  13. Excellent info. Yes you guess it..THE MAKEUP ..please do the tutorial. esp
    for amateur person like me. Such a pity all the skincare stuffs that you
    mentioned I only can get is the wipes.

  14. Vegan means no animal products or biproducts were used to create the
    products (nor do any of the ingredients come from an animal).

  15. Love your videos. Wish I had time to back and look at all of them at can’t do that. So glad I subscribed. Edina

  16. I have a couple of sun spots under my left eye that I want to go away. My
    dermatologist recommended glycolic acid, but I’m hesitant to put it that
    close to my eye. Do you have any recommendations?

  17. Skincare companies desire as many individuals as possible to try their new
    products to demonstrate how good they are. Have you ever seen the cosmetics
    section set-up in your neighbourhood shopping plaza offering free samples?
    Well I discovered a site that will send free test products to your home,
    its the best way to get free skincare products 🙂 Have a look here

  18. You look so stunning!! Please also consider doing a coppery bronzey makeup
    ala Keira Knightley! I think it would look so pretty on your dark brown

  19. I have tried to be more aware of ingredients. I actually use a few of the
    Yes to line. Have u used any other of their products?

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