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  1. Did accutane work really well for you? I’m thinking about going on it but
    some people have said that your skin gets so bad before good. How fast did
    it work for you?:)

  2. @eipysgudps I know the difference between a bad reaction and acne…i got a
    few pimples in the beginning that i thought was just my skin reacting or
    adjusting to a new product but then it spread really really quickly within
    a week all over my face!! So basically it clogged my pores even though it
    said it was for “oily skin”!! And it started right after i started using
    Dr. Haushchka!! I have nothing against you..it might’ve worked great for u
    but i still would caution ppl with oily/acne proneskin

  3. Hi Sonja! Thank you for the review. I always get Dr. Haushka and Ole
    Henrickson confused. LOL I have not tried the Haushka – I got a tube of day
    cream but the smell bothered me, so I never put it on, but I have tried a
    sample of a serum from Ole Henrickson and LOVED it. But, I haven’t
    purchased any. I have to be careful of natural things, with allergies –
    plant extracts and essential oils, ect. But, it sounds great if you have no
    allergies! Your skin is pretty!!xoxo

  4. Ok I think I will go on a super healthy diet for a few weeks with loads of
    water as well and see how that goes 🙂 Do you think if I then went on
    Accutane that it would work fast like for you? How many weeks was it until
    your skin was clear? Thank you so much! 🙂 x

  5. actually i went on a super healthy diet after taking accutane coz’ i had
    acne marks n it helps a lot with that!! so accutane working fast or not is
    an individual thing!! But most of the people i know didn’t have a bad
    reaction in the beginning n it worked really fast (like 1 month) so u’ll
    have to take it n see what happens!! My skin was clear in about 2-3 months
    but u still have to complete ur whole course of 6 mons or whatever it is!!

  6. @ShubhpreetC I know you don’t have anything against me! I didn’t even think
    otherwise! And I don’t think of your comment as a “hater” comment! We’re
    just exchanging our opinions here. Not everybody has to like the same brand

  7. All you ppl with oily/acne prone skin…Please be careful..!!! I used the
    Dr Hauschka line for oily skin and it broke me out soooo bad that i had to
    go on accutane!!!!!!!

  8. well it worked very fast for me…i broke out a little bit in the beginning
    but nothing bad…although my acne came back coz’ i got laser hair removal
    done after a few months n that irritated my skin…but it worked
    permanently for some of my friends too!! But make sure u use a sunscreen
    while on it and try everything else before deciding to go on accutane!!
    Also try to eat healthy (eliminating dairy products, sugary and deep fried
    foods)…it helps a lot!!

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