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  1. Fran I bought the unyevu butter & I was curious if it could also be used as
    a facial moisturizer? Please answer back 

  2. Hey Fran ~ loving your videos and I am learning so much about going
    natural. I am 53 yrs old and started using the OCM after watching your
    video and I am hooked. Along with the Sweet Almond oil, I have been
    applying a few drops of Rose Hip Oil because I heard that it minimizes fine
    lines and helps with skin pigmentation. I have definitely noticed a
    difference, though I have fairly good skin (for my age).

    I have two beautiful bi-racial daughters and I am fixing to start using
    your hair regiment on them. The only thing I am leery about is that they
    both have thick and very curly/kinky head of hair. Any suggestions on how
    to get them started on a healthy natural hair regiment. Hope to hear from
    you soon ~ thank you!

    I really enjoy learning from you young women!

  3. I always wonder why in many of these natural product videos many people
    question as to where to purchase. I never see anyone mention The Vitamin
    Shoppe. They have basically everything that heyfranhey, sunkissalba,
    shameless mya etc use and even more products online. I always go there for
    natural beauty products especially since they have a new aromatherapy
    section. Should check it out!

  4. when she first started picking up the large body brush i literally thought
    she was going to say this is great for your hair!

  5. Off the subject of your skin care regimen, but where did you purchase your
    sweater from in this video? I’ve been looking for something similar. And
    this video was very informative…keep making videos like this. 

  6. Fran I would like to say thank you making these videos and gathering
    information. I would like to start living a more natural lifestyle, but not
    sure where to start. Do you have any suggestions?

  7. Fran I would like to say thank you making these videos and gathering
    information. I would like to start living a more natural lifestyle, but not
    sure where to start. Do you have any suggestions?

  8. hey fran-a-lan…i have been looking to do an overhaul of the body products
    i use to move towards natural products. i know you suggested the dr.
    bronners & the shea butter joint…but i wanted to pick your brain about
    the lush body products…i’ve used this olive branch shower gel that a
    former lover gave me for my b-day & it felt like hot sex on a platter when
    i used it…but when i read the ingredients i was like que?! a friend of
    mine once told me if you read the ingredients in your body products can’t
    pronounce it you probably shouldn’t use it & there were a few things that
    didn’t look like they were natural ingredients nor things i could
    pronounce. i was on their website & saw that they mentioned they used “safe
    synthetics” & i just wanted to know your opinion on their products & also
    your opinion on safe synthetics.

    thanks! love you! **big gargantuan hugs** muah!

  9. Any suggestions for getting rid of Keratosis Polaris (chicken skin) I have
    some on my arms and it sucks haha. But I love your videos! Your gorgeous,
    healthy, and natural! 

  10. I love all your videos! Thank you for sharing. I am trying to go back to
    using all natural products because I want to live a healthier life style
    overall. your videos has really been helping me and giving me a lot of tips
    and ideas.

    I grew up on Dr. Bronners and still using it today. I love the peppermint
    the most! and I just started using shea moisture coconut and hibiscus
    lotion. I love it! I going to try the body wash next.

  11. Looove ALL your super informative videos! What a wonderful, sharing,
    honest and helpful spirit you are! Only the best of everything will be
    yours for the asking! Peace, love and blessings to you always! 

  12. Super super informative!! I was just watching to get more tips for a
    clearer complexion on my face, but now I’m considering going completely
    natural and organic for my skincare. I’ve done some diy products and I have
    to say I’m pretty impressed. So thank you!

  13. I had never heard of the dry brush. Cool. But I agree about the satin
    sheets it is a great way to keep the oil in your skin to keep you from
    getting dry and it is very classy also your regular sheets will suck you

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