Skin Care – Freckles – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Freckles are dark spots on the skin and occur mostly on the face, around the nose. Watch how you can treat freckles using natural ingredients available in yo…
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  1. Can we use lemon, salt and honey remedy every day or do we have to do in
    one month interval… Kinda confused here

  2. We don’t get butter milk so would soaking the potato slices in milk be fine
    or would it not be as effective?Great video

  3. Can we use lemon, salt and honey remedy every day or do we have to do in
    one month interval… Kinda confused here

  4. Thanks for giving us these valuable tips. I hope these will work.
    I am taking treatment from a reputated clinic from last one year and I am
    really fed up with them as there is no improvement.

  5. I thought I would add that since I have been having a fullers earth facial
    mask 3 times a week that the few freckles I had have totally disappeared,
    YES! I was using the masks to help manage my very oily skin but hey I got a

  6. I am throughout offended I have many freckles and I love them. I love
    seeing them on other people. I also think that they are beautiful. They are
    not some diseases to be removed they are to be loved, cherished, and shown
    off. After all not everybody has them so those with them are unique.

  7. In this channel, she talks about some very simple home remedies we all have
    at home. I actually use Honey on my hair and I love it. While it doesn’t
    work on colored hair, it certainly works on hair that hasn’t been treated.
    I much prefer to work with natural remedies than expensive shampoos which
    causes more damage to our hair. She also has some very interesting remedies
    for skin, some which has been in practice in Persian culture for thousands
    of years and I certainly used them when I was back home… I hope you at
    least take a look see if you can try some of her examples.

  8. I have colored coffee freckles all over my body. I was NOT born with them
    but as i grew up they stared to appear. I really dont like them. does
    anyone know that this method will work on me

  9. home veda please tell me how to get rid of warts or skin tags. i have them
    on my face and neck. they are very small but they are bothersome. please do
    reply me as soon as possible

  10. Thanks for your recipe. I have bees in my backyard and therefore I have
    bees wax to use. I tried your recipe and it is nice the women I gave it too
    liked it very much. For myself I found it a little too soft. if I use more
    bees wax will it become more stiffer and not so oily?

  11. HI, This will last for a long time in an air tight jar. Since there is no
    water in the formula you don’t have to worry about microbial contamination,
    however the oils can eventually oxidize and turn rancid. If you want to
    make a larger batch or keep it for longer and use less you can always add
    vitamin E to it to help reduce oxidation. Also make sure you cap it after
    use to reduce the amount of air exposure. Have fun! – Regina video
    presenter from RD Alchemy Natural Products in San Diego, CA

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