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  1. Hand blenders all have different watts and speed. How many watts would you
    suggest I look for in a hand blender to thoroughly whipped up this recipe?
    Thanks so much for this informative video, I’ve searched high and low for
    something like this. I’m so fed up with all the harmful chemicals from
    some of the over the counter products. I’d like to know if you have a
    tutorial for making sun screen cream? Thanks so much.

  2. im afraid that the aloe gel ( the one in the video) will start to go bad in
    my hair cream because it says on the bottle “refrigerate after opening”
    what are your thoughts ? 

  3. Thank you for sharing. Question: can you substitute the coco butter (I know
    this can be used as a thickening agent) for shea butter and can you also
    use several different oils to make up to the 1/4cup? I used shea butter, it
    never got creamy, just very watery, I waited until the oil cooled before
    adding it into the aloe vera gel. I also, used a few different oils to make
    up the 1/4 cup. Any suggestion or advice?

  4. Hi, amayramlew, You can use cosgard for the water phase but I wouldn’t use
    grapeseed oil as that goes rancid usually pretty quick. Better to use
    vitamin E oil or rosemary oil extract for your oil phase to reduce
    oxidation and cosgard for your water. However, keep in mind every formula
    is different and therefore you may need different or additional preserving
    agents. Have fun! Regina – video presenter from RD Alchemy Natural

  5. Thank you for the excellent video! I wanted to find out if calendula
    infused oil can be used instead of the avocado oil. If so is used in the
    same proportion as the avocado oil? Very informative video. 

  6. Hi Regina, thank you so much for all ur recepies! I wanted toaks about
    preserving them: what do u recommend? I have grapeseedoil and ‘cosgard’ for
    my usual mixes. What do u suggest? Thank you!!

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