Tried and True Eye Look: Brija (Natural) Cosmetics

I love to experiment with eyeshadows, but sometimes I do go for a look that I’ve tried before and can absolutely rely on. Here’s one of my Tried and True loo…
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Je partage avec vous ce soir mes Premières Impressions sur 4 produits: Attirance Natural Cosmetics N’hésitez pas à vous abonner à ma chaine youtube et à mon …
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  1. Great look! I gave up on my pigments. They were just too messy and
    difficult to cart around. Also, I’ve yet to find a primer that plays well
    with loose pigments and my oily eyelids.

  2. Very pretty! Just got TANF primer in buff! I will try to set it with some
    powder to keep it from creasing like you did because the first time I tried
    it, it creased after a few hours :/

  3. Flawless my friend.. you look beautiful! Oh, guess what??? I got my
    cowgirl dirt samples..I can’t wait to try them tomorrow. You really look
    amazing. Hugs, laura

  4. What a great look – some really good ideas on how to put it all together!
    I was just thinking this evening that I really need to put my makeup on
    everyday – even if I am just home packing/cleaning. I think it might help
    my morale! A look like this or something close would be just the ticket –
    and if it is natural – no worry about those chemicals everyday! Thanks a
    Bunch! Have a great week! 🙂 

  5. Geezzz…I love that concealer!!! Natural or not, I think I must get it…
    so tired of trying so many and all are disappointments, too thick, too

  6. You look wonderful in this video. I really liked the powder blush in you.
    They just had Jane Iredale on Hautelook. Is that a natural cosmetic line?

  7. Coucou ma puce Sa m’a donné envie de tester 🙂 j’ai commandé une la box de
    se mois-ci 🙂 jte dirais ce que j’en pense 🙂 !! Mouaahhh Alikeee !

  8. Pleezzz ana ma3raftch mali kandir la sire achnohowa zit wla lcreme li
    momkin i7ayed lia dakchi li kayb9a mnha wi y7ayed lia l7moura… car idia
    taywaliw 7emriiiin bzaaaaf

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