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  1. I was going through the same thing trying to potty train my son hey is also
    2 and will be 3 in July… But now he is fully potty trained I would say no
    matter what anybody has to say it’s so much easier to potty train your
    child when they are ready! They will show signs when they are!. For example
    my son started to get very irritated. With poop being in his pull up.. He
    also would always tell me he Boo boo already but when I checked him there
    was nothing… And I learned that when he said that he was telling me that
    he was about to boo boo! I just think you should wait until he is ready
    it’s so much easier then forcing them too cause my son was trained in like
    2 days !

  2. we took my (then) 1 1/2 yr old to monster jam in Hampton last march and he
    enjoyed but got impatient half way through so we ended up leaving early

  3. Hey ! Could you maybe do a video on being a young Stay at home mom & things
    you may do to bring in finances ? I’m a young SAHM myself of two girls (
    almost 3 yo & almost 1 yo ) ..

  4. Is it uber ratchet that as soon as you mentioned Maryland, not only did my
    eyes light up but Montgomery & PG counties made me literally yell
    “AYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEE” smh I’m embarrassed!

    New subbie, so new to the mention of Maryland lol… Congrats again honey!

  5. I have a son and he was definitely hard to potting train. He didn’t want to
    potty in the toilet and I tried everything. Tried the cherrios throw a
    couple in and see if he can pee on them. That worked for a bit. So I told
    him ok if u don’t want to pee in the toilet and u really have to pee go
    outside. He loved that idea and it worked. I mean yea when we Were somewere
    and he had to pee I would take him somewhere private and he did his
    business. He eventually started peeing in the toilet but like I said I
    tried everything so I tried it a fun way. I don’t know if that woukd work
    but it did for me. We live in the country so it was easy to go outside and
    just pee. Good luck. 

  6. I love a natural makeup look but cannot live w/o my “glow.” Congratulations
    on your engagement!! I am getting married 4/18/15 

  7. I didn’t know you lived here… How COOL!! What size wedding are you
    having? My friend had her wedding on your end? She had some nice, but
    affordable spots

  8. I have class everyday at 8 & i’ve been looking for a quick make-up routine
    that’s not too much for school so this i’ll definitely be using this! What
    brushes do you use for your foundation? & also, I have a 18 month old
    daughter who is super smart, like she can tell me when she is using the
    bathroom in her pamper but she will not sit on the potty for anything & her
    Dr. is adamant that he wants her off he bottle so I know what you’re going

  9. one of my fav looks ! aww I live in moco lol && my son was hard to potty
    train sometimes i would throw a few cherries in the toilet and have him
    aim but i think what helped him more was when he would watch his father use
    the bathroom lmao

  10. very pretty look so clean and natural. I’m trying to get my baby off
    bottles too she’ll be 2 next month but it’s soooo hard!!

  11. Potty training my son was the hardest thing ever but he just turned 3yrs
    old December 20th & no more diapers I made him sit on the potty every 15 to
    20 minutes and when he potty I rewarded him with a fruit snack or cookie
    whatever he really likes I hope this helps 

  12. My son stopped drinking the bottle on his own . I tried for months to take
    it from him but he would always throw a fit until one day he threw it down
    and never wanted it anymore lol I believe he was just turning 2 

  13. The best way to potty train a boy is to let his Dad to teach him how to.
    Speaking from experience. Trust me it will work. But Dad has to do it
    everytime he goes to the bathroom until baby boy is telling him to get out
    the bathroom lol.. Afterwards reward him with a treat n u have to b happy,
    excited that he went to the potty all the time. Goodluck pretty P :)

  14. Try making him use a soft nipple-like sippy cup without handles (some had
    handles) and then when he gets used to that, try the sippy cups with the
    soft straw to prepare him for regular cups with a regular straw. You can
    play with the cup like you’re drinking it and ask him if he wants some or
    something to be interested in it if he’s having a hard time adjusting.

  15. Yes boys are hard but have him go with his dad when he goes, also give him
    the sippy cup… when he gets upset like that don’t cave In. I know it hard
    but if he get thirsty enough he will grab that cup.

  16. love your eyebrows….they are PERFECTO!!!! LOOK IS VERY PRETTY….wish you
    the best on potty training and your engagement…Btw, lil boys take the
    longest on training but he will soon get it so don’t worry…..keep vids

  17. I for one you have to take the bottle it will mess up his teeth.. To train
    him for potty what work for my son is I Brive him promise with Happy meals
    candy it worked..Lol I want to also mention far as planning a wedding
    justice of peace is a good idea to me and my big reception for family and
    friends other than that buy your home first.. Real talk…

  18. I been waiting on this look FOREVER! Every time you post it on IG I’m like
    dang will she just do a tutorial already lol. But I have a question could
    you do a video on your fave foundations for dry skin? Because I’ve been
    trying a lot of products lately and it seems like the foundations stick to
    my dry spots sometimes during the fall/winter time but in spring/summer
    those same foundations works fine. So I just really wanna know your opinion
    on that por favor lol 

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