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  1. Great video, good ideas you have there, I was wondering if you would mind
    explaining to me how you make your cucumber toner please? I want to make
    one my self.

  2. Loved it soo much! Loved the fact that is natural and handmade, I’m going
    natural too but where I live (Canary Islands) it’s too hard to find the
    products I read about! So again, thanks! Subscribed and please excuse my

  3. Very impressed! How old are you sweetie? I rarely find young clients who
    actually use a routine, let alone an organic one! <3

  4. Hey im 14 and im trying to be a beauty guru i only have 1 video so far and
    1 is uploading at this momment 🙂 please i hope you check out my
    channel..it would make my day 🙂

  5. Hay i saw your comment on Carahs video and i thought id check you out as
    your the same age as me lol and your really sweet defiantly subscribing to
    you xx

  6. I use olive oil & coconut oil too! Ever since I started using it, my face
    is much less oily! Love it and happy to find someone else who uses it!

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