ASMR rms beauty organic cosmetics review ~ softly spoken *

ASMR rms beauty organic cosmetics review ~ softly spoken *

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Char is here to help you on our quest in finding an awesome-ly pure, raw, food grade cosmetic line that is healthy for your skin-…

Natural and Organic Make-up - Au Naturale Cosmetics Review

A nice line of mineral make-up products, many of which are all natural and many have primarily organic ingredients. Check out their waterproof cosmetic bags …
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  1. I am interested in RMS products, so this was a helpful video. I am nor
    familiar with ASMR, but the softness of your voice is a refreshing change
    from so much of the hyper-sounding beauty videos.

  2. best video i’ve found on RMS beauty products (and i’ve watch quite a few).
    the sound was a little off, but i can really see how the make-up goes on.

  3. you’re absolutely amazing and so cute too!! i’ve had to come back to this
    video three or four times now because I can’t get enough of your voice 🙂
    please never stop making these videos! they’re just fantastic! xx

  4. Thank you, guys, for commenting and providing me some feed back on my
    videos 🙂 I haven’t been able to post any lately due to a strike going on
    nearby. Unfortunately, it sounds like war music outside with the drums and
    the horns and the sirens and people cheering so it’s not very ASMR-ry lol.
    Don’t worry, I have a feeling I’ll be coming out with a new one pretty soon
    😉 Love you guys~!

  5. Will this work for oily skin? I have oily skin and not sure if coconut oil
    is good for my skin or if it will make it my skin more oily.

  6. So true, that’s why I generally like to make my products from organic food
    ingredients. Yes, I always say to read all of the ingredients all of the
    time. I too had a company claiming to be organic on their website swap out
    ingredients without changing any info on the front of the bottle. Bubble &
    Bee is fantastic! Have you tried their Coconut Lime Body Butta? Yummy!

  7. I learned that even companies don’t always stick to what is on the
    ingredient list. Stephanie Greenwood of Bumble and Bee wrote about how one
    brand of organic shampoo listed all natural ingredients but when it was
    tested in a lab, it contained some very unnatural chemicals that were not
    even listed in the ingredient list. Also,pet food companies do the same,
    the ingredients don’t match up to lab tests. So hard to trust any company
    these days.

  8. How about these 2 skincare brands, Kora organics and Grown. They are both
    organic and 100% natural, i’ve used some of grown products and they are
    amazing, very soothing and refreshing!

  9. Iron oxide is not suspected to cause cancer however it can be contaminated
    with other toxins and heavy metals such as lead. Iron oxide compounds are
    being investigated for possible harmful effects to humans.

  10. Seventh Generation claimed that their laundry detergent was safe for the
    earth and then I read in Consumer Reports that their lab tests revealed
    otherwise. Today, I find out that Whole Foods sells GMO foods, although
    they will finally start labeling them.

  11. Some companies don’t even disclose all of their ingredients. If a company
    will not provide the FULL list of ingredients then don’t ever buy it is my
    motto. Dr. Bronner’s Baby mild liquid soap is the only cleaning product I

  12. It depends on the product, some of the Kora Products are not completely
    natural nor are they all organic, this is why I stress to read all of the
    ingredients in each and every product – not just the marketing claims.
    Grown looks like it could possibly be okay but they don’t have their full
    ingredients listed. Without knowing exactly what’s in a products, I can’t
    comment. 🙂

  13. Thanks but it’s not organic and some of the products contain parfumes and
    Polysorbate…This product line is not for me.

  14. Hi there, i was wanting to share with you a lovely natural skincare range.
    It’s called moo goo it’s amazing, and since your into natural skincare,
    then you should try this! or at least browse through their website 🙂

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