Natural Skin Care Haul + First Impressions

Natural Skin Care Haul + First Impressions

Happy Valentine’s/GALENTINE’S day ladies! Remember, you can still make it special even if you’re not strapping on your heels for a fancy dinner or being show…

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  1. I so agree with your skincare ideas and also prefer going “back to the
    basics”. I get excited when i see a short ingredient list too but that is
    pretty rare sadly. Even in well known “natural brands”. I love your video
    because i wanted to know more natural brands and your thoughts of them
    since not many youtubers talk about them. I have pretty dry cheeks and
    since i started using facial oil, have noticed an improvement. I really
    like Aesop (Australian brand) and have been trying their pdts

  2. I was so excited to see you doing a natural haul! Thank you for the shout
    out. You’re such a beautiful & lovely person 🙂 I was curious about your
    date 😉 So I’m glad it went well!

  3. The Dior provides a similar level of coverage but as it’s less hydrating it
    sets more quickly and stays put a bit longer. Of the two I would probably
    go with that one for a wedding, or maybe a different one altogether. I
    could see the By Terry Touche Veloutee working well because of its
    lightweight texture, but not sure if it would flash back in photos. I’ve
    heard good things about the Amazing Cosmetics one. Not at all a straight
    forward answer, but wedding makeup is serious business.

  4. In the past I’ve just picked up coconut oil at my local health food store
    (just make sure it’s raw) but this time I ordered from Vitacost since I was
    already placing an order and it was cheaper. I’m interested to see what you
    think of using honey! I really do think I like it so far! And I really hope
    the 100% pure eye cram works for you too. Unfortunately it was a major bust
    for me. :-/

  5. Aw yay, good for you! That’s exactly what I’ve been trying to do too as far
    as skin care, body care, and hair care is concerned. I totally think that
    as much as possible, natural is the way to go. I’m also really interested
    in exploring more natural & organic makeup lines, but not sure I could give
    up some of my beloved not-so-good-for-you products yet. We’ll see. :p xo

  6. I’ve been looking for someone who uses and reviews natural beauty products.
    I am wondering if you are into using animal cruelty free products as well?
    I am trying to replace my products with natural and cruelty free products
    as I go through my other products.

  7. Yay, this was so well timed, I am planning a Vitacost haul soon.. thanks
    for the recommendations! Jojoba oil was already on my list!

  8. Hey lady!! 🙂 Ooh yes, coconut oil is just the best! In addition to
    slathering it all over my body it’s now the only oil I cook with. Such good
    stuff. And haha, I saw your instagram of the face mask! I totally want to
    try it now as my skin has been a bit drier since the move. It sounds pretty
    awesome. Miss you too! Send my love to the pets! 🙂

  9. Thanks for the video, you can also use oatmeal as face wash in the morning
    if you have super sensitive skin, it pretty amazing…

  10. Thats’ a great idea!I’ve been using my homemade butter all winter and my
    skin is amazing, so soft 🙂 I also add cocoa butter and my stretch marks
    started fading away! 🙂

  11. Cravings! Yes. Those evil, evil feelings. I would imagine a strong, willful
    mindset is definitely needed to fight those. I think I have a slight
    allergy to dairy, too. I switched from regular nonfat milk to almond milk &
    it has saved me a great deal of discomfort. Cheese is my biggest problem.
    I’m a fan of queso & chips from Mexican restaurants but I think it gives me
    hormonal/jawline acne, which is why I asked about the skincare. Thanks a
    bunch for your input. You are incredibly sweet. 🙂

  12. Hey girl! I think it’s just different for everyone. I’ve heard of people
    whose skin has improved after going all natural, as well as people whose
    skin has worsened. I think it just depends on what ingredients your skin
    reacts to. Personally, aside from taking meds the biggest positive change
    I’ve ever seen in my skin was when I cut out processed foods and ate mostly
    a raw vegan diet, but natural skin care products also seem to work really
    well for me. Sorry I can’t offer more clear feedback! :-/

  13. Thanks Hayley, that’s so kind of you to say! And of course no thanks are
    needed. You’ve become one of my go-to people for skin care recommendations
    and I always look forward to your videos! 🙂 xo

  14. Aw, tanks lady. 🙂 If I were you I wouldn’t feel bad about not having a
    skin care routine–your skin always looks so flawless and you’re young! I
    say keep it simple while you can. But if you do feel like delving into skin
    care, I think natural products are an excellent way to go. IMO you can get
    better quality for less $ with natural stuff. My skin is usually
    normal/combo, but since moving up north it’s been less oily and more
    normal! xx

  15. Perfect! My goal is to use up all my makeup up skincare and not but
    anything new… when I use up the stuff I’m switching to natural and
    organic! xx

  16. No, don’t apologize! I love that you educate yourself so I thought I’d ask
    your opinions first. I do know that a lot of acne problems originate from
    within first, like food allergies & tons of sugar from processed foods.
    It’s amazing (not in a good way lol) the damage they can do & how it shows
    on the exterior. This leads me to my next question, was it difficult going
    to a mostly raw/vegan diet? Did you have a bad detox period? I’m pretty
    sure my body would completely freak out if/when I do it.

  17. Love this video <3 I'm so glad to hear that you like Andalou Naturals mask
    because i was thinking of buying it 🙂 have to buy this kit 🙂 You should
    also try shea butter, it's just amazing! 🙂

  18. love this video! i use coconut oil on EVERYTHING and i love using honey in
    my skin routine. cant wait to see what you think of the sunscreen. and im
    pretty interested in that argan oil as im nearing the end of my moisturizer
    and have also been replacing cleansers and such with more natural
    alternatives. just got the oil forte cleanser from laventine a while back
    and i love it.

  19. I adore the Andalou glycolic mask, devita sunscreen and Hayley! Lol. I
    didn’t like the 100% eye cream either, it did absolutely nothing. Just
    subscribedl 🙂 can’t wait to see what other natural skin care you try

  20. Next video is a DIY Beauty Video (and it has been HIGHLY requested by so
    many of you)!! Can’t wait to share it with you beautiful ladies soon!! xoxo

  21. Hi Namrata and Suhasini, I wish I could reply to your comments, but
    unfortunately I’m unable to do so because your accounts aren’t connected to
    Please don’t worry…Awe Cosmeceuticals ship worldwide, my lovelies. 🙂 The
    links are in my description box. 🙂 Much love! xoxo

  22. Hey him ami. Great video. But I think besan dries up your skin. Is it
    important to use or we can use the mask without it? 

  23. Namaste Himani! I love your videos!! They’re amazing! They help all ur
    subscribers soo much!! I just used the natural facial fair removing
    technique and it worked wonders for me! Thanks fr d lovely videos! Also,I
    was just wondering if u could do some videos on how teenagers should take
    care of their skin…it would really be helpful if u could come up with
    such videos!
    Lotsa Love from India :* 

  24. Your skin is so beautiful and glowing! I’ll definitely follow your tips
    from now on. Love you and your channel! Great job on your videos!

  25. such a nice video… lov your channel… 🙂 you are fun and pretty… just
    subscribed… … check our channel 🙂 thanks dear

  26. I want to knw howvto reduce th pigmentation… i hv lots of white headscn
    black heads 🙁 plz post a video or send me link of it….

  27. Awesome info! I have acne scars from a severe bout of acne I had over a
    year ago….so this was really useful!Thumbs up!

  28. I m ur new subbie and i love ur channel…ur so inspiring…n i have a
    request for a waxing or hair removal kind of video 

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