Organic Cosmetics Tutorial with Afterglow- Flawless Face inspired by Natalie Portman

Afterglow Cosmetics offers organic cosmetics, mineral cosmetics, mineral foundation, natural foundation, etc. You can purchase online, by phone 1.866.630.456…

Switching to Organic Cosmetics

The crap cosmetics we put on our face and skin have been linked to various forms of cancer, breast cancer included. Why doesn’t the FDA regulate the cosmetic…
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  1. Hi there! I just ordered Afterglow’s foundation in Cameo as well as their
    setting powder in Transparent. I’m suuuper pale with pink undertones (and
    maybe some mild rosacea) and I’m just wondering if you may have tried their
    foundation in Cameo. I definitely don’t want to enhance the pinkness in my
    face, but I don’t want to look yellow either. So I’m just really curious.
    Also, I have peach fuzz on my cheeks and I’m wondering if this powder makes
    it stand out. Thanks so much!

  2. i love natalie portman i think your interpretation of her makeup in that
    photo was perfect, and this look is reallly sophisticated, i love it i like
    the organic makeup thing !

  3. I’m totally diggen the hair ^_^ Afterglow’s base made me break out… which
    sucks because I love the way it made my skin look!

  4. Haha everyone has their own technique. I find it easier to take off the
    fall out, then attempt to take it out, smudge it into my concealer and then
    try to cover that up. But thank you for the compliment! (I personally
    disliked the lipstick as well, but that’s what they sent me so I had to
    honour it).

  5. whoa! Everyone gets the “friends” that show up on our faces, ugh… but I
    am so glad you did this while you had a breakout because I was really
    impressed with how well the concealer and foundation covered everything! It
    looked like you had no breakouts at all! Thanks for showing us. Love this
    brand already! xo

  6. Actually, the weather has been garbage recently. July has been nothing but
    rain. =/ Thankfully, the skin care routine I have and birth control is
    keeping everything in check for the most part. =D

  7. My daughter used to have similar problems she was placed on a long course
    of medication, it’s called Tetralysil or Lymecycline. Maybe they will work

  8. As pretty as this look is, I’m gettting more of an ’80s vibe (w/the
    voluminous hairdo) than a Natalie Portman-type thing. Not that I don’t love
    it 🙂 & It’s nice to see some organic makeup on Youtube!

  9. Haha thanks, personally I thought it looked like crap. 😛 Really? I haven’t
    tried their base. Normally I use my Smashbox one or my PurMinerals one.

  10. Hm. I was contemplating Accutane a long time ago, but thankfullyI didn’t go
    through with it. A healthy diet, LOTS of water and exercising helped me a
    lot as well. Especially hot yoga.

  11. Hi Diane, I have to say you have a really healthy glow about you lately.
    The weather must be real good in Canada atm. Man how I wish I were in Port
    Dover right now. Love the look hun

  12. You are really beautifull. I was looking up afterglow cosmetics and found
    this vid… I´m just saying it looks pretty weird that some ppl apply the
    foundation later.. I´ve just always done it first.. its like the 2nd time
    I´ve ever seen someone do that. and umm I really don´t been to be like mean
    or rude I´m not but I didn´t like the lipstick on you .. I just kept
    imagining u would use like a nude pink gloss or something

  13. OMG!!! I love Groove Armada! But may I suggest to maybe do review or
    tutorial without music or maybe have it on but for really low? I like your
    tutorial you’re so confident and you make it look so easy to put make-ups
    on 🙂 Thanks for the tutorial!

  14. HOLY MOLY Did you know we pay more than you do over the pond. A starter kit
    here is £58 pound whereas its $68 there. Even with shipping the conversion
    would work out less for you guys. Not that they ship to us mind.

  15. this needs to be stopped, this company is not exceptional the ingredients
    they use have not been tested for safety and their formulations are quite
    dull. here is a typical formula “USDA Certified Organic Perilla Seed Oil;
    USDA Certified Organic Myrrh Oil; USDA Certified Organic Frankincense Oil;
    USDA Certified French Lavender Oil ” To me this looks awful, lavender is a
    favorite hate of mine causing cell death and its estrogenic properties. but
    it smells nice so companies add it to creams. why?

  16. Can u tell me if the makeup u bought is any good cuz if it is then ill have
    somewhere to buy good organic makeup 🙂 I already went organic with my
    shampoo an its the best thing iv ever done now my hair is sooo soft

  17. what !!! talc is unnatural ? no it is isnt it is mined just like the iron
    oxides and it is better than corn starch for acne prone skin because
    bacteria are known to feed on food like ingredients. .

  18. Thanks for uploading. Ive been trying to switch for a while now. Sometimes
    its hard because of the convenience of the usual products, but I can see
    the difference on my face, since it keeps improoving as I change my skin
    care and cosmetics.

  19. Just because it says its organic or “all natural” doesn’t mean that it is.
    The safest way is to look at the inredients…I spent a whole day
    researchin chemicals from hygiene products I used daily and found that all
    parabeans ethyl, methyl, and propyl are bad. Propylene Glycol,
    Phenoxyethanol, SLS (sodiuam Laureth Sulfate) Amonium-laureth-sulfate is
    the same thing…etc…

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