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  1. Cold milk are good for cleansing…after washing your face with mild
    fashwash massage with little honey and wash it off with warm water…it
    keeps the skin soft but people with oily skin should be careful…

  2. Natural way is always good. A few question: Do I have to wash my face first
    then apply and then wash it after applying? Or just apply it whenever?

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  4. no idea, but i think any orange would be fine i’m not completely sure, but
    i’d say about 15 minutes? thats just my guess though however, you can
    actually google it and find out ;D

  5. THe point in this is NATURAL. so make sure u use a freshly squeezed lemon.
    and to make cucumber juice. slice it, there will be the juice left on the
    dish u sliced it in. or squeeze the small pieces.

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