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  1. so how did you end up getting the free make-up? I’m asking b/c alot of
    companies send free make-up i have noticed and i was just wondering if you
    ask them or they spotted you on here and got in contact with you or what?

  2. Where does everybody get their makeup!? I get free samples via a site
    called: gratis make up samples – just got some beautiful Olay makeup last

  3. it’s just a misunderstanding so i’ll accept your apology ; and about the
    spelling ;i think you should commend my language instead of saying “learn
    how to spell” because english is obviously not my native language( i speak
    arabic hebrew english and a little bet hindi and korean) so if i was in
    your place i will just let it slide . besides i think that my grammer and
    spelling are GOOD , i just wrote it in a haste and didn’t check it

  4. idk why some girls said thy’re animal lovers & refuse to wear natural fur
    coat, but they buy tons of natural-hair make-up brush. a girl told me
    proudly tht her brush is made of natural white goat hair!!~ i find it
    sickening. some are made of squirrel tails..this whole i-wear-only-faux-fur
    thing is just a trend for thm. idk tht’s just my thought. if u really care
    about animals, why not go all the way. srry if i offend anyone.

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